VIDEO: DeSantis Crushes The FDA Again Over Monoclonal Antibody Ban

At the risk of being repetitive, we just had to show you this. It’s Florida governor Ron DeSantis dropping truth bombs all over the Food and Drug Administration for their having revoked the Emergency Use Authorization for two kinds of monoclonal antibody treatments Florida’s health department was using widely to treat people who were showing symptoms of COVID-19. That revocation effectively serves as a ban on monoclonal antibody treatments and more or less blocks Florida’s ability to treat people with COVID.

It’s rapidly becoming obvious that the worst aspect of our government’s response to COVID isn’t the lockdowns, mask mandates, or more or less forced vaccinations. It’s the refusal to support efforts to treat people who catch the virus.

Everything about this approach is breathtakingly, suspiciously wrong.

It’s wrong because attempting to stop people from getting a coronavirus which travels in the air is impossible. That’s been proven all over the place. Lockdowns haven’t slowed transmission rates, nor have mask mandates. Mass vaccinations have done nothing to stop the spread, and in fact have created mutated strains of the virus which are vaccine-resistant. Thankfully, according to the laws of virology, those strains, like the Omicron variant, are more infectious but less potent. So for most people with Omicron it’s just a bad cold.

But in Israel, where the bulk of the population is both vaxxed and boosted, case counts and hospitalizations are higher than ever.

The vaccine fetish which has been disguised as health policy has been an abject failure.

The approach is wrong also because it’s a one-size-fits-all policy toward COVID, and that clearly isn’t appropriate when the virus affects different people differently. Vaccination might be appropriate for people in at-risk categories, but probably does more harm than good for those who are young and fit. And the vaccine doesn’t differentiate between people who have no or very mild symptoms and those who come down with something terrible. You need actual treatment in such cases.


Monoclonal antibodies work. They might not work as well against Omicron as other variants, but there are too many success stories to ban the treatments based on one sketchy study, as the FDA did. And in the aftermath of the federal government’s effective ban on hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, a pair of common and safe antiviral drugs demonstrated to be highly effective in knocking out the virus in at least some cases, the government shouldn’t be trusted.

In the meantime, of course, the government is now touting a new COVID pill Merck has come out with, which is a lot more unproven than any of the other treatments. Let’s remember back in 2020 it was touting another Big Pharma product, Remdesivir, as the COVID pill. Remdesivir turned out to do more harm than good.

All of this leads to a very good point DeSantis made, which is top-down government health care has proven to be a complete disaster with respect to COVID and it can’t be sustained or expanded.

Here’s the video. It’s well worth a watch.



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