VIDEO: DeSantis Holds Nothing Back After Feds Cancel Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

This is absolutely classic Ron DeSantis, and it comes at a very appropriate time given the subject matter: this morning, without a whole lot of warning or discussion, the Biden administration abruptly revoked its emergency use authorization for monoclonal antibody treatments from two of the most prominent providers.

The Florida Department of Health announced that it is closing all monoclonal antibody treatment sites in the state after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration rescinded emergency-use authorizations for two particular treatments for COVID-19.

The FDA announced on Monday that it is no longer permitting the use of bamlanivimab and etesevimab (used together) as well as the combination of casirivimab and imdevimab known as REGEN-COV, or Regeneron.

“Unfortunately, as a result of this abrupt decision made by the federal government, all monoclonal antibody state sites will be closed until further notice,” the Florida Department of Health said in a statement.

The FDA said that since “data show these treatments are highly unlikely to be active against the omicron variant,” and because omicron is believed to account for more than 99% of current COVID-19 cases, the treatments are no longer authorized. It explained that this was meant to prevent side effects from treatments they do not believe will work.

DeSantis is hot about this because, as he says in his announcement, the source for the FDA’s revocation is a study, so far not peer reviewed, which says these treatments don’t work against the Omicron variant. DeSantis also says the author of the study is a consultant who works for competitors of the companies providing the now-banned treatments.

Which it’s pretty justifiable to be hot about.

Here’s the video. We’ll have a little more below it.

What strikes us about this is it’s the continuation of something we keep seeing but can’t understand. The federal government is dumping on every single treatment of COVID-19 that comes down the pike and shows some promise in curing people of the Chinese virus.

We keep saying this, but it’s fairly clear the feds don’t actually want to treat COVID. They want people to take a vaccine and wear and mask, and when that doesn’t work and you still get it, you’re to take Nyquil and shut down your life for a week while hoping you don’t end up on a ventilator in the hospital.


The public is beginning to notice and they’re turning against Biden and his public health bureaucrats. We’re going to find out whether they’re willing to continue this course in the face of negative polls.

And meanwhile in Europe, they’ve decided to declare victory over COVID and go back to normal.

What a weird world this is.



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