A Recall Petition Was Filed Yesterday Against State Rep Joe Stagni

This wasn’t a particular surprise, as when Stagni was the only Republican voting against overriding Gov. John Bel Edwards’ veto of a bill banning males from participating in girls’ sports last summer it marked him as the weakest of the GOP legislators and likely the most detached from the bulk of the state’s voters. While recall campaigns are generally impossible to succeed, they can send a message to their targets.

And this could well send a message. A press release from RecallStagni.org

Citizen volunteers filed a Recall Petition with the Secretary of State’s office today, announcing their intention to recall State Representative Joe Stagni of Kenner. The petition (see next page) states 5 reasons for the recall effort, listed below:

  • 1. SB 156 of the last regular session provided protection for female athletes, including school age girls, so that they would not have to compete against boys and men on sports teams or have men in their locker rooms, yet Rep Stagni voted against that bill, thereby depriving female athletes of this protection.
  • 2. SB 118 of the last regular session allowed, for example, a woman leaving her house to place a legally owned self defense firearm in her purse so she could protect herself from a criminal attack, without getting permission from the government to carry that defensive firearm. Rep Stagni voted against that bill as well.
  • 3. In addition to voting against these bills, which passed in the legislature but which the governor vetoed, Rep Stagni was the ONLY Republican to vote against holding a veto session to try to pass these bills in an override session.
  • 4. As well, Rep Stagni refused to sign the “Petition To Terminate State of Public Health Emergency” and limit the governor’s covid powers, which powers we believe were improperly used to close small businesses, kill thousands of jobs and ruin many lives.
  • 5. We believe these actions by Rep Stagni were at odds with the views of most of the residents of his district and indicate that he does not represent the district properly.

As there are 25,071 registered voters in Stagni’s district (see next page), District 92 in the Louisiana House of Representatives, the volunteers will have to gather 6,268 signatures from registered voters in the district to place the recall effort on the ballot in a special election. They have 6 months to do so.

If they gather these signatures, a feat that has never been accomplished before against a member of the Louisiana State Legislature, a special election will be held to determine if Stagni stays in the legislature or not. If a majority of the voters say he should be removed a second election will then be held to determine his successor.

Getting 6,300 signatures on a recall in Kenner is probably unlikely, but it’s not impossible. A Republican legislator who votes for Branch Covidian hysteria, for gun control and for boys on the girls’ swim team is a good test case for recalls.


This will be worth following in the next weeks.



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