BLANCO: Nothing’s Shocking. Not Anymore.

Every once in a while, an album gets released that just smacks you in the face the moment you first heard it. One of those albums for me was Jane’s Addiction Nothing’s Shocking.

It wasn’t a political album, but it did have a couple of tracks that were controversial back then. I was standing in the shower thinking about what makes a man an outlaw or a leader. Ok, so that wasn’t what I was thinking about. I was actually thinking of the lyrics to Ted, Just Admit It. Camera got them images, camera got them all, nothing’s shocking.  While the song was about Ted Bundy another Ted stole some headlines this week by being moved to a medical facility and having terminal cancer.

Yes, the unabomber Ted Kaczynski is heading to the afterlife.

But like the song says, just like the show before, now the news is just another show. Predictably the news will be another episode of Republicans are bad, produced and directed by the DNC and sponsored by Pfizer. Maybe, just maybe, Ted James will be highlighted in there.

As it turns out, Ted James says he fights for black causes has been upset with the governor because the governor is putting James political career at risk.  Can you believe it? His constituents want answers and this whole ordeal is making it so Ted James had to stand up to the governor. Maybe he could have written a dear John letter to the governor. “Dear John, you know I love you. I really love you. He knows I love you, she knows I love you, I really want everybody to know I love you. But this Ronald Greene thingy is distracting me because my constituents keep bothering me about it. Can you please make it stop?”

Yes that did sound more like Skip Bayless than Ted James, but James did send a text to John Bel that wasn’t much better.

I won’t call Ted James any names, but if I were him, I wouldn’t be calling anybody else a sellout. He can choose to be loyal to John Bel Edwards and Pendejoe Biden, or he can stand by his constituents… and he chose to take a job with Pendejoe. I guess the only thing to say now is Ted, just admit it.

John Bel, for his part, has really been taking it up the beach with the Ronald Greene situation that is turning into an ocean-sized problem. But who can feel sorry for the man who cruelly forces healthy children to be treated as if they are disease infested, who does not respect a man’s business with God, and who would gladly put hard working people out of business? Maybe he can get Obama to come out and say “If I had a dad, he’d be just like Ronald Greene.”

But Ted James legislative absence on this issue doesn’t absolve the LLBC of their legislative duties. Who are they going to stand with? Are they going to continue to stand solid with this administration, both Bel Edwards’ and Pendejoe’s, or are they going to stand with their constituents? Forget the rule! Oh – idiots rule! Maybe Don Lemon could come to the defense of John Bel, but he’s wrapped up in his own court case dealing with sexual assault. Seems like there’s more swinging going on at CNN than at a Parov Stelar concert.

The LLBC can’t just give lip service to this matter. If Black Lives Matter is going to be an issue, it cannot continue to be Black Lives Matter only when shot by a white police officer during an election year for the Democrats political benefit. And last time I checked, black women were the largest demographic to graduate college prior to the pandemic. My guess is that a significant portion of those women were there on athletic scholarships. Why was the LLBC more interested in blocking a veto override session that would have protected women’s sports by keeping biological males from participating in it? So I ask, are they going to be more concerned about their re-election and their career paths, or are they going to stand for what is right? As the song goes “You know that man you hate? You look more like him every day, Hi-di-hos! 2 good shoes Won’t save your soul”.


While nobody blames Edwards for the actions of the officers, it’s the ongoing coverup from stating that he died in a car crash when the video clearly shows otherwise. At best this is a dereliction of duty on behalf of Bel Edwards, and who knows who else? If the upper echelon of the State Patrol and the other big guy (the Governor) are going to let the State Patrol run amok and without discipline, then it will be pigs in zen. I firmly believe the vast majority of law enforcement officers are decent people who are trying to do their job, but I also respect those officers enough that when an officer does break the law that they are held to the same standards of the people they arrested.

And while every Tom, Dick, and Harry has their own opinion, everybody has their own opinion. Even Jane says something, you would think that Pendejoe would be up front and center on this issue. Maybe he’s too busy giving that mountain of money to George Soros. 164 million, Cash in now honey. Next he’ll be raiding Hunter’s stash and giving crack addicts pipes so they can get high… oh wait, he already is. ¡Ay Pendejo!

As this cold weather begins to fade away and the Summertime rolls in, it appears things are just heating up.

To the family of Ronald Greene, keep fighting for the truth, it’s a fight worth having. A lot more people stand with you than you realize.

To the men and women in Law Enforcement who are doing your job to the best of your ability, thank you.

To Jane’s Addiction Thank you boys for those outstanding albums.




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