You Aren’t Surprised To Find Out Gary Chambers Is A Fraud, Are You?

It’s fairly well established at this point, now that the head of the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus Vincent Pierre went to the Baton Rouge Press Club and bent the knee to John Bel Edwards, essentially sanctioning the latter’s cover-up of the Ronald Greene case, that the black community’s leadership is nothing but a bunch of sellouts and minstrels, right? That the whole concept of “Black Lives Matter” is an utter fraud and a grift?

What else can one conclude about this? Edwards’ state police beat a black man to death on a roadside because he led the cops on a high-speed chase, probably in no small part due to the fear of the police the “civil rights” crowd has stoked among the black community, but because Edwards was a Democrat who needed black votes to win re-election later that year these people assented in a cover-up which Pierre has now sanctioned?

It’s a breathtaking betrayal of the principles these people purport to espouse. They obviously don’t care about their constituents, who according to former Black Caucus chair Ted James, per a text message WBRZ-TV uncovered that James sent to one of Edwards’ lawyers, have been wearing them out demanding they do something about the Greene case.

Instead, they’d rather sell out and support Edwards and his cover-up. Because the state budget, flush with federal cash generated through debasing the currency and therefore imposing the most regressive tax possible, and the nation’s highest combined state and local sales taxes which are also regressive, is the biggest ever and they think Edwards is going to load them up with goodies from the till.

That’s all this is.

The Republicans would probably vote to impeach and remove Edwards if the Black Caucus, who right now might have more reason to do so than the conservatives, would go along. Pierre signaled this week that they won’t, that they’re happy to play a subservient, step-n-fetchit role to Edwards.

You would think that the black community would be enraged by this. You’d think they would be spitting mad over the fact that their supposed leaders aren’t willing to absorb even a small political cost in service to the cause of cleaning up police brutality against black people in Louisiana, something the Ronald Greene incident indicates is a real thing a whole hell of a lot more than the Alton Sterling incident, which did generate a ton of hellraising (and even some dead cops), ever did.

And if the Black Caucus won’t get off their knees over the latest revelations in the Greene case, you’d think the black community would be seeking out a new generation of leaders.

You’d think that might give Gary Chambers an opportunity. Chambers, after all, has as one of the key tenets of his campaign for the Senate opposition to white control of the mostly-black Louisiana Democrat Party. That’s why he got into the race after the white Democrat establishment that Edwards leads went out and found an airline pilot with zero political skills and no previous campaigns for office as their anointed candidate against John Kennedy.


Back in 2020, Chambers filled up his social media with admonitions that it was overdue for Edwards to do something about the state police and to hold it accountable for Greene’s “murder,” as he termed it.

Here was that fiery diatribe…

That’s a pretty big marker Chambers laid down. It sounds like he’s not the kind of guy that Pierre is. Gary Chambers is no man’s step-n-fetchit, you know. He already called Edwards out, and that was long before it was clear that Edwards and his regime were covering up the Greene case.

And here’s Chambers’ new ad in the Senate race…

So where is Gary Chambers on the Greene case lately? If he’s going to burn the confederate flag to show how tough a guy he is and how he’s going to be the avenging angel who wipes out old southern racism, you’d think he would stand up to Edwards and demand his impeachment or resignation, right?

Well, here’s his Twitter. Feel free to check it and see if you can find any reference to Ronald Greene of late. Maybe we missed something.

And maybe we’re wrong when we say his silence makes Gary Chambers, who’s in New York raising money from stupid white leftists this week, look like a grifter and a fraud.

Just like the rest of them.



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