BATISTE: The Teedy Crime Variant Is Worse Than Covid-19

As the New Orleans mayor and the Louisiana governor hold on to authoritative measures in the name of Covid-19, it’s a good time to explore the data. The two year anniversary of “14 days to flatten the curve” is just around the corner. Covid has appeared in several waves since March 2020, and despite the Delta and Omicron variants, the pandemic as a threat-to-life is still edged out by New Orleans violence, and the data exists to support this.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell keeps the city under strict Covid policies, even though she frequently says she follows the data. Cantrell and the city’s Health Director Jennifer Avegno bullishly insist upon vaccine mandates for children, ignoring the fact that the vaccines lack full federal approval for children 5-11 years old.

A large group of Louisiana mothers—the Bayou Mama Bears–filed suit last week to challenge the legality of the city’s mask and vaccination mandates. The Orleans Parish Civil District Court denied a Temporary Restraining Order and set a hearing for February 14th. In the meantime, the ladies filed a writ to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal and the Louisiana Supreme Court on February 8th.

The Bayou Mama Bears writ states, “This is an extraordinary case involving unprecedented action by an executive official in obvious disregard of fundamental rights and beyond the separation of powers. The immediate exercise of this Court’s jurisdiction is necessary to arrest widespread irreparable harm resulting from clear constitutional infringements.”

Something interesting is happening that no one is talking about. Cantrell and Avegno are both women in charge of New Orleans, the lawsuit was filed against the city by the Bayou Mama Bears which is a group of women, and it seems much of the crime in this city has targeted women. No idea what it means, but interested in hearing thoughts on it.

The Covid-19 recovery rate in New Orleans, Louisiana, stood at 97.68% at the close of July 2021. People in New Orleans had a 10% chance of contracting the Wuhan Flu, a 97.65% chance of surviving Covid, and 99.76% of New Orleanians had not died from Covid-19.

At the start of February 2022, Covid has allegedly taken the lives of 1,070 people in Orleans Parish since March 2020. During the same period, 84,478 positive cases have been reported, according to the New York Times. The estimated population of New Orleans in April 2021 is 343,829.

Digging into the Covid data shows some interesting math. First, less than one-percent of New Orleans’ populace, 0.28%, have died with/from Covid since March of 2020. The positive cases, if counted individually (as opposed to the same person testing positive more than once) would indicate 22% of citizens have tested positive for Covid-19 since the start.

Reverse both of those figures and you get 78% of people in New Orleans have not tested positive for Covid-19 and 99.997% of residents have not died from it. Reread that last sentence, the data is pertinent.

Of the 84,478 who have tested positive for Covid, the 1,070 alleged deaths produce a 1.27% fatality rate. That means the Covid-19 recovery rate in New Orleans, Louisiana, stands at 98.73% at the start of February 2022.

New Orleans

Haven’t Died From Covid: 99.997%

Never Tested Positive: 78%

Covid Recovery Rate: 98.73%

The “Follow The Science” crowd thinks a 99.99% chance of living beyond Covid-19 is too high of a risk to continue everyday life. Meanwhile, everyday life for New Orleanians involves the possibility of becoming a crime statistic. Let’s dig into murder and non-fatal shooting figures over the same time period. This analysis won’t even use carjackings although many carjackings result in shootings, fatal and otherwise.


This article uses stats from a previous piece in July 2021 for 2020 data. This was tricky because the data really began in March 2020. So the murder count from March 2020 through December 2020 was 168, the non-fatal shooting figure used was 354. 2021 had 218 murders and more than 441 non-fatal shootings. 2022 has had 27 murders so far, no figure on non-fatal shootings yet.

Combining 10 months of 2020, all of 2021, and one month-plus of 2022 crime statistics totals to 1,208 non-fatal shootings and homicides. Yes, at 1,208, the number of those shot or killed in New Orleans during the past 23 months is 0.04% higher from the 1,070 people allegedly killed by/with/from Covid in New Orleans since March 2020. In July 2021, the percentage was the exact same: 0.04% higher than Covid deaths.

The Covid -19 recovery rate in New Orleans, Louisiana, stands at 98.73% in early February 2022. This new data shows the Covid recovery rate has increased one full percentage point higher than July 2021 when the Delta Variant began what officials called a surge.

“Orleans Parish will not move into ‘Phase Two’ this Friday. As we have said throughout this pandemic: we are watching the data, not the date. We don’t yet have sufficient data to authorize opening up further at this point,” said Mayor Cantrell. “All of our decisions must be grounded in science and guided by the bedrock of public health: keeping our people safe.” June 1, 2020

The data reviewed here supports the statement that people in New Orleans have a higher risk of being shot or murdered than they do of dying from Covid-19. Nothing has changed in six months in that regard. Avegno and Cantrell and John Bel Edwards and Joseph Kanter keep yelling about vaccines and masks, and forcing upon the youth.

It’s pretty clear the city and state leaders mentioned do not care about the children of Louisiana, otherwise they would not force children 2 years old and up to wear masks and mandate that children 5 years old and up take pharmacological injections that are still in development and unapproved for those ages. These government measures are out of hand. The public officials need to step back and reevaluate their actions and the benefits. Mayor Cantrell wants to flex on school children and parents while she ignores the crime surge that should be called the Teedy Variant.



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