VIDEO: Landry Goes After Cantrell On Crime, COVID Restrictions

Breitbart does a good job with this, so we’ll just crib their story on what Jeff Landry said about LaToya Cantrell and the fools who run New Orleans on Maria Bartiromo’s show yesterday morning…

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry (R) criticized the vaccine mandate in New Orleans as an example of the “disconnect between some of these Democratic leaders and reality.” Because the city is ensuring children don’t go into businesses unvaccinated while crime is on the rise in the city so far in 2022. He also argued that “while crime and inflation are both on the rise,” all Democrats are worried about are coronavirus restrictions that are harmful to the economy.

Landry said, “Well, check this out, how about these statistics? Maria, in New Orleans, just in January, there were 22 homicides, 50 shootings, 50 carjackings, and 61 armed robberies. But God forbid some child walk into an ice cream shop unvaccinated. I mean, do you see the problem? I mean, there is literally a disconnect between some of these Democratic leaders and reality. You know, while crime and inflation are both on the rise, all they’re worried about are masks and vaccinations.”

He added, “We believe the mayor has greatly exceeded her authority. I mean, she’s crushing the New Orleans economy again, at a time when crime is out of control.”

Here’s the video. It’s kind of hard to argue with what Landry is saying.

So why doesn’t he do something about it? Well, the AG’s powers are limited as to what he can do. If there’s a plaintiff who sues Cantrell for her unconstitutional actions, the Attorney General can intervene in the case as a third party, so there’s that. But if you’re going to actually shut down Cantrell’s COVID restrictions or force your way in to provide law enforcement support, it gets difficult.

Landry has tried to augment law enforcement in New Orleans, using the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation to make a few arrests several years ago. The political class in New Orleans fought like tigers to keep him out even as the criminals were running wild all over the city. You need the cooperation of the local DA and the mayor and the sheriff if you’re going to make something like that happen, and Landry didn’t have it.

He couldn’t even go after Cantrell for stealing from the taxpayers of New Orleans using her City Council credit card. Landry couldn’t find a grand jury willing to indict or a judge who would hear the case.


This is a matter for the state legislature and/or the governor. And with the Legislature busy brewing up a colossal train wreck in redistricting – we’re hearing the only maps they’ll be agreeing on in the current special session will be the Congressional ones, and everything else will go to this fall before it’s decided – and deciding whether to impeach John Bel Edwards, reining in Cantrell is highly unlikely until after the next statewide cycle.

Which means the only recourse for the oppressed citizens of New Orleans beset with criminals on one end and the vagaries of Cantrell and the cabal of attention-whore tyrant politicians on the other is a moving van.

Get out, y’all. As soon as you can.



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