GARLINGTON: The Apocalypse For Our Politicians Has Arrived

‘Apocalypse’ in its ancient Greek sense means an uncovering, a revealing of what really is.  Recent events are acting as an apocalypse for some of the most powerful politicians, both those close to home and those far away, showing us the character that lies within.

President Biden, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau are all trying to provoke a war in the Ukraine to distract from the troubles they are having at home.

Biden had an unhinged, ranting phone call with the Ukraine’s President Zelensky about Russia’s supposed imminent invasion, to which Zelensky replied that the ‘panic’ was unwarranted.  But the Biden administration keeps pushing for war, telling us that their meddling there is not about a Russian threat but about their desperate efforts to find some way to give Biden a political victory of some kind, any kind.

PM Johnson is in boiling hot water over scandals in England regarding parties that were held by government officials while the rest of the population was suffering under COVID restrictions.  So now Johnson, like Biden, has become a super warhawk, sending troops to eastern Europe and forming a new alliance to fight the evil Russkies while Germany and France are trying to lower the temperature.

PM Trudeau, who confirmed that he is little more than a windup doll for the globalists during the COVID illness, is wilting before the presence of a massive convoy of truckers and other regular folks protesting COVID vaxx mandates and other related restrictions.  He dutifully called them ‘racist’, and sheltered in place like a complete coward under the pretext of exposure to COVID.  Unsurprisingly, he too is trying to divert attention by stepping up the Canadian military presence in and around the Ukraine, as Rick Rozoff put it, ‘Fighting imaginary Nazis at home, training real ones abroad’.

Elsewhere, in the US Congress only a fraction of GOP senators and representatives are willing to use budget maneuvers to strip funding for federal vaxx mandates and the like.  If Canada can spare a few hundred truckers, we will gladly substitute Mitch and the boys with them.

Here in Louisiana, Gov. Edwards sounds as condescending and disingenuous as he ever has in his response to the Ronald Greene investigation, so much so that the Legislature’s Black Caucus, and others in the Louisiana African community, won’t come to his rescue.

Reality is beginning to break through in various areas.  Some are helping to pierce the walls of lies:  Jim Jatras on a number of issues; Tucker Carlson and Sen Hawley of Missouri on how unnecessary a war with Russia would be; Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia on the same.  But her words are so apt for this moment in tearing apart the false narratives we have been fed for decades that we are compelled to quote a little of her message to Karl Rove:


“He is ready to send 18-year-olds like my son to fight nuclear Russia over Ukraine’s border so that he and the other neocons can talk like tough guys on TV,” Greene wrote.

“My view is that Mr. Rove despises ‘America First.’ He loves war and the global economy that all these wars prop up.”

“And my direct response to that: Screw Karl Rove.”

Neo-con pundits like Rove, Greene said, perpetually push for war, but are never held responsible when their terrible advice leads to failure, or death.

“It is only the American people who suffer the consequences,” Greene pointed out.

This brings to mind a conversation that took place in 13th century Russia, the same country that Karl Rove and Joe Biden want you to believe is filled with America-hating zombies waiting to eat the brains of your children and your cuddly kitty-cats:

History preserves for us a conversation of Saint Simeon with Prince Constantine of Polotsk who, wishing to make a jest about his court, asked the saint at supper: “Where shall the courts be in that world?” Simeon answered, “Those courts shall also be where the prince is.”

The prince did not care for this, and he said, “A court might judge unjustly, and take bribes, or torture people, and is it I who do the harm?” The bishop explained to him, “If a prince is good and God-fearing, and is concerned for the people, and loves truth and he appoints good, God-fearing, intelligent and truth-loving men to his council, that prince shall be in Paradise and his court with him. If, however, a prince is without the fear of God, and is not concerned for Christians and does not think of orphans and widows, and if he appoints wicked counselors who lack integrity in order to bring him money, that prince shall be in Hell and his court with him.”

This is the deepest apocalypse for those who pay attention to politics:  Its relationship to God cannot be severed, no matter how much we try to ignore Him.  The more we do that, the more we end up with corrupt figures like Edwards and Biden, the more we listen to liars like Karl Rove, the more we will revert to the character of our forefathers before their baptism:  the brutality of the Romans, the corruption of the Greeks, the violence of the Franks, etc.

Politics is an outgrowth of our beliefs about mankind, and those beliefs are in turn informed by our beliefs about God.  Politics has a religious dimension to it, in other words.  The Left is not shy about proclaiming their beliefs:  sometimes outright atheism, sometimes a DIY approach to a personalized deity (as with pronouns, so with God?), all of which directs them to agitate for various laws and causes – abortion on demand, confiscation of private property, pro-LGBT propaganda for school kids, or what have you.

Those on the Right should have no qualms about unashamedly rooting their policies in the Christian faith.  It is the only way to destroy the lies being heaped up over our heads day after day, the only way to establish a just political and economic order, the only way to bring a lasting peace to all members of the neighborhood and the broader community.

After King Asa had won the victory [against the Ethiopians who greatly outnumbered his own army—W.G.], the Spirit of the Lord came upon Azariah. He went out to meet Asa and said, “Hear me, King Asa, and all the people of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. The Lord will be with you as long as you are with Him, worshiping His name and observing His commandments. When you seek Him you will find Him; but if you forsake Him, He will also forsake you.”

The political apocalypse doesn’t get much clearer than that.



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