BLANCO: This Winter’s Ukraine Snowjob

When it comes to the Ukraine situation, I haven’t decided if I am pro-intervention or opposed to our involvement in the autonomous country.

As an American first, my politics stops where our borders end. In other words, I am for my country before I am for or against my President. I’m looking at Ukraine as to whether it is in America’s best interests to be involved in it. So far, I haven’t been convinced either way. On this issue, I would think that I would support Pendejoe Biden. I really want to, it’s my country getting involved. It will be our soldiers who would be sent into harm’s way and I want to give them all the support they need to have a successful mission.

I know, that makes me a “warmonger” and all the other original names that I deserve to be called by people who are trying to change my mind with that awesome persuasive tactic. The reality is, when our country is at war, I believe that we let the military do what they are supposed to do. We ask order our men and women in uniform into battle and then second guess the manner in which they do their job. We send them off to battle and our couch commanders whose only war experience comes from Call of Duty or some other pixelated experience, will criticize our soldiers with feverish self-righteousness not seen since the pandemic of 2020. We are fortunate to live in a time when we can second guess our government during war time. 80 years ago, having the wrong heritage meant being thrown into camps for the security of the warring nation, before that, having the wrong views got you hung or shot. With war, it’s better to debate it before the decision is made and second guessed only after the war is over.

Ukraine has value to the world despite its past century of misfortune. This is a country that produces much of the world’s food which made Stalin’s man-made famine of Holodomor even more tragic. The country suffered through the Soviet’s socialism until the fall of communism in the early 90s. Ukraine has been recovering since, despite a rough record of governmental corruption, and the world now enjoys the fruits of their land. I wish for Ukraine’s continued independence.

Add to that we’re talking about Putin’s desire to restore the Soviet Empire and the creeping specter of the horrors of socialism that it brought to millions of people lingers, despite Putin’s protestations that he’s no commie. Growing up in during the cold war, I don’t wish to return to those days. There is reason to support Ukraine and the United States. In fact, I’d say that I’m an easy sale to send our troops to Ukraine. In fact, I haven’t given this Ukraine situation much thought and my default position is my self-preservation. Losing wars puts our self-preservation at risk.

But the escalation in Ukraine has gotten more and more of my attention lately and right out of the gate I have quite a few concerns that, as an American, I really shouldn’t be in a position to have.

The first is the incessant trashing and bashing of Russia and Putin for the last four years by the Democrat party. Quite frankly, this seems like childish people playing adults unfortunately in charge our nation’s security. It doesn’t help matters when Jen Psaki writes opposition off as “Russian disinformation.” Soon they’ll be calling everybody who opposes their intervention a racist and then after that they’ll be calling us sexist when we realize what a five-letter word for cat the Pendejoe actually is. It’s this administration’s default position on everything. They aren’t really for anything; they are just against people being against whatever stupid idea they come up with. They think they are the most intelligent people ever, everybody else is stupid, and won’t listen to people who will help them see the logical conclusion. Pride comes before the fall.

And speaking of Russian propaganda, that’s been around since the sixties when the Soviets pushed anti-American sentiment and communism using the hippie movement. Their goal was openly stated- to defeat the United States without firing a single shot. As socialism always does, the hippie communes failed and the summer of love turned into the crime wave of 60s and 70s. During the 60s, violent crime increased at a faster pace than it did during the 1970s.  While the Soviet style socialist were pushing civil wars in country after country, one country stood in their way, the United States.  Their goal then was to divide us, to make us ashamed of our country, and to instill socialist into offices.


Now the very people who totally surrendered to that infiltration of American politics via Soviet Socialist propaganda now lecture us about Russian propaganda.

Finally, I can’t help but to look at the Pendejoe administration and wonder, what has he done in the interests of the American people? His motives are clearly elsewhere and not on the well-being of the country. On what issue can you say Pendejoe has done right by the American people? On issue after issue, the American must take the back seat. He’s put Americans out of work, and not just through policy but by force as well. He defends the criminals who burn down businesses, chooses our enemy over our allies, and cries the sanctity of borders while he remains negligent of our own borders. He even favors Russian pipelines over American pipelines. That alone should go to show that he favors Putin over American workers, and if he’s willing to go to war with his friend Putin, what’s he willing to do to you?

The message from the Biden administration on Ukraine is convoluted. Putin is a bad man, they are filling our streets with disinformation and invading Ukraine. Our solution to fighting back is to become more dependent on Russia for oil, discharge all soldiers who haven’t been vaxxed, send troops to Europe, threaten sanctions after the fact. It’s like he’s intentionally baiting Russia into a war like a guy tying one arm behind his back and chaining his legs to a rock so the other guy would be willing to punch him. Looking at Pendejoe’s cratering poll numbers, it seems to me that Pendejoe desperately needs a war in order to rally the American people on his side.

When it comes to war, I stop being a Republican and I become 100% American. Most Americans do, regardless of party. Unfortunately for this administration, I’m not being sold on our troops being sent in harm’s way. As an American, I don’t trust the motive of the war. I don’t hear a real reason to support the war and calling opposition to it “Russian disinformation” is not a reason.

If Biden wants the boost in his poll numbers that he thinks he’ll get, he’s going to need to sell the idea that he truly believes this is a war worth fighting.  I have to say, I’m not a big fan of his Trunalimunumaprizure policy. Right now, I’m not seeing his sincerity or the effectiveness of his policy, and I surely doubt the American people are seeing either of them as well.



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