GARLINGTON: Ukraine War Response Is Helping the Globalists

In the US there have generally been two ways to deal with the ‘other’.

One is the Yankee/New England way of no toleration:  Everyone from internal dissenters like the antinomians (Anne Hutchinson) and Baptists (Roger Williams) to later arrivals like the Irish Catholic immigrants were persecuted by them.

The other is the Southern way, a wide toleration of views so long as they did not upset the inherited agrarian Christian social order.  Thus, non-Christian philosophers (Thomas Jefferson), Jews (Judah Benjamin), strict Protestants (Rev. Robert Lewis Dabney), French and Spanish Catholics, and others all got along quite well at Dixie’s big barbeque table.

This business about the Ukraine, however, is pressing many in the US and a great part of the West into the Yankee mold, and, because of that, taking us down paths we will regret getting onto.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

The US federal government and the EU are barring their citizens from accessing Russian media sources and web sites.

Considering how these same governments have consistently lied and withheld information about covid from us, this should be alarming, especially so now that a new revelation has shown that media companies of the Left and Right were bought off with Biden bucks to push pro-covid vaxx stories to their patrons.  Shutting off our access to information sources sets a dangerous precedent.  We should be able to sift through ALL sources and make up our own minds.

The Ukraine is a nest of corruption and Pres. Zelensky is part of the globalist cabal.

The West is giving aid to a very unsavory group of people.  Pres. Zelensky is an admirer of Canadian tyrant Justin Trudeau and also has his own profile at the web site of the globalist World Economic Forum.  He is also a liar.  Chris Menahan put it bluntly enough; here is just a taste:

Zelensky is a serial liar and a con man who is doing everything in his power to drag this war on and get as many Ukrainian civilians killed for propaganda purposes to try to justify Western intervention.

Zelensky lied about the first nuclear plant incident, he lied about the second nuclear plant incident, he lied about Snake Island and he lied about Russia attacking a Holocaust memorial.

As many have pointed out as well, the Biden family has all kinds of corrupt business dealings with the Ukraine.

And there are also the neo-Nazi connections.  Lev Golinkin writes,

Azov’s neo-Nazi character has been covered by the New York Times, the Guardian, the BBC, the Telegraph and Reuters, among others. On-the-ground journalists from established Western media outlets have written of witnessing SS runes, swastikas, torchlight marches, and Nazi salutes. They interviewed Azov soldiers who readily acknowledged being neo-Nazis. They filed these reports under unambiguous headlines such as “How many neo-Nazis is the U.S. backing in Ukraine?” and “Volunteer Ukrainian unit includes Nazis.”

Is this a country in which we want to heavily invest with our moral and material support?

Due process is being eroded.

The anti-Russia hysteria being whipped up by the media and politicians violates the ancient English common law principles honored so highly here in the States that one is to be presumed innocent and not liable to punishment until a jury trial has been held.  However, lots of innocent people, from Orthodox Christians in Calgary, Canada, to a music conductor in Munich, Germany, are being summarily punished (persecuted) without due process in violation of those principles for very flimsy reasons – because they are Russian or associated with Russians, and/or because they engaged in wrongthink regarding the war in the Ukraine.

Whatever violations we allow to happen to these civilians who are guilty of no crime at all will be used against innocent Americans in the future (just as the Patriot Act was presented as a tool to catch Muslim terrorists but has wound up being used as a way to silence anyone who’s political philosophy is to the right of Chuck Schumer).

All the rightful anger built up at government officials and institutions over their mishandling of covid, pushing LGBT garbage onto school children, inflation, etc., is being redirected and spent upon Russia, to the great glee of the ruling class.  The great GOP tsunami that was supposed to sweep across the States this fall may end up looking more like half-full creek after a short spring shower if folks aren’t careful.

Not so long ago, anyone who said ‘All Lives Matter’ instead of ‘Black Lives Matter’ was branded a racist.  The fury of BLM has subsided somewhat, but the malevolent spirit behind it has come raging back to life in a new movement we might call ‘Ukrainian Lives Matter’.  Now, if anyone says ‘Russian Lives Matter’, or claims to see any beauty and goodness at all in Russian culture and history, such a one is treated as an outcast from society.

The States went through a period similar to this one, of Yankee-led anti-French hysteria in that case, under the John Adams presidency, leading to the Alien and Sedition Acts, which, again similar to our own circumstances, violated long-standing English customs by outlawing the criticism of the federal government.  Thomas Jefferson, writing to his fellow Virginian John Taylor, expressed his hope that the ‘reign of witches’ would soon end:  ‘A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the people, recovering their true sight, restore their government to it’s true principles.’  We, too, should hope that this current wave of anti-Russian hysteria will end soon, lest we lose ever more of our good traditions and virtues to censorship, fear, hate, etc.

To hasten its end, we must try to pry open our cold, stony hearts so we can love everyone and retain what good customs remain to us.  Father Zacharias, abbot of the St John the Baptist Monastery in Essex, England, exhorts us with these words:


What should we keep in mind and do in the current political situation? We do not know everything about the conflicts of this world, nor is it necessary to know. We just pray with a compassionate heart for the peace of the world and for all. We do not take sides, because each side will be responsible for crimes, and we do not want to share in these crimes and be condemned. If we pray for those who are more wrong than right, well, we perform the commandment to love even enemies. And if we pray for those who are more right than wrong, we do well. Therefore, we cannot go wrong if we pray that God save all and grant peace to the world. Especially for us, priests and monks, it is very important not to be political at all, because WE OFFER OUR SACRIFICE TO GOD, THE HOLY LITURGY, FOR THE WHOLE WORLD; and if we are for some and against others, our sacrifice is annulled. I think that when there is a war, the best is not to be judgmental, but to have compassion and pray that the Lord may spare all from suffering. If my Liturgy is to have any value, no one should be missing from my heart when I stand before the altar of God and say to Him, ‘Thine own of Thine own, we offer unto Thee, according to all and for all.

International relations are a delicate and complex business.  There are plenty of times the US and NATO countries could have been severely sanctioned for their illegal actions in, for example, Iraq (Fallujah, anyone?), Libya, and Syria.  We should be thankful that we received leniency and not justice, and should show the same forbearance towards others as we all try to navigate difficult situations in the world like the Ukraine.

Regarding which, three US House members, Reps. Gosar, Massie, and Rosendale, voted against a recent resolution to further entangle the US in the Ukraine because they would rather have the federal government focus on securing the southern US border than on undertaking more foreign adventures.  These three men are the truly brave and principled ones in our midst for having the courage to resist the overwhelming (and as per the above, overheated) disposition of the crowds howling all around them to inflict pain upon Russians.  Is this proportion in the US House (3/429 = 0.7% of the total) reflective of the proportion of men capable of calm, dispassionate analysis of this situation in the whole US (that would amount to only a couple of million people)?  If so, we are in for some dark days indeed, for the last 20-30 years have proven that the States cannot police the world and keep a functioning society running here at home.

It will be all the more unfortunate as this supermajority will be handing the globalists a huge victory when they had them on the run.  The globalist efforts to use covid to usher in their Great Reset and 4th Industrial Revolution were rapidly falling apart; they needed another way to finish their task.  Stoking Russia hatred via the Ukraine war is their new way of accomplishing this.  Eamon McKinney put it this way:

The truth of course is deeper, the real war the Globalists are fighting is against the citizenry of every country on earth. As the Covid atrocity is being rapidly exposed the repression of the people is the only option open to the New World Order Davos cabal. As has always been the case, a war abroad is the best excuse to impose tyranny at home. The Western Neo-liberal governments of America, Canada, Australia and most of Europe cannot afford to be removed from power. The full anger of the people will be unleashed full power against those who imposed the Genocidal Covid lie upon them. Trudeau, Macron et al will be held to account (one way or another) for their pivotal roles in this atrocity. They cannot allow that to happen, they have too much to lose.

The tragic and unnecessary conflict in the Ukraine can be viewed as the “Great Reset War”. Although targeted towards Russia for media purposes, its real objective is the further subjugation of the peoples of their own countries. The Western Neo-liberal agenda is failing on every front, economically, socially and morally. The Cabal has destroyed the once prosperous and free societies that they governed. The dystopian future that they have planned for the world is now plain for all to see. It has been on display in Canada and Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe. It is a prospect that should alarm everybody.

To use some of Daniel Horowitz’s words, Putin is the new covid, Zelensky is the new Fauci, and the sanctions and other punitive measures to fight Russia are the new vaxxes and facemasks and social distancing that the citizenry are to accept without question from the ‘experts’, despite the incredible damage they will do via inflation, supply chain problems, unemployment, etc.

The war in the Ukraine is not what it seems.  The anti-Russian hysteria being stoked by the globalist cabal is an effort to get their agenda back on track.

We are not asking anyone to be anti- or pro-Ukie/Ruskie in this essay.  We only ask that folks step back and take a broader view of the situation.

There is something unseemly about all of this, about how we are being rushed into a new ‘crisis’, and Misters Horowitz and McKinney have laid their fingers upon the heart of it (an excellent analysis along these lines is also presented here).  One only has to consider the trucker convoy heading for DC.  Prior to the glut of media attention given to eastern Europe, its arrival would have generated headlines throughout the press (the conservative press, at least) and been followed closely by its conservative supporters.  But now the truckers are ‘below the fold’, as they say, if even that.  Who does that benefit?  Not the plain folks of the States who were counting on them to help repeal destructive covid regulations.

Meanwhile, the approval ratings of Pres. Biden are rising again, as the peoples of the States rally around their newly minted war leader.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.



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