Biden Is Getting Worse, You Know, And The End Is Near

This stuff has never been cute. It’s always been horrifying. He was guilty of much of it during the sham presidential campaign he ran, which used COVID-19 as an excuse for keeping him away from public consumption as much as possible. Joe Biden only appeared in very tightly-controlled circumstances in order to minimize the gaffes and alarming behavior he regularly displayed.

And just like the public wasn’t allowed to find out about Hunter Biden’s laptop, the true condition of the Democrat presidential nominee was hidden. He was amped up on stimulants during the presidential debates, which was readily evident by the jet black of his pupils but never commented upon in the corporate press, and his bizarre behavior was excused as “just Joe.”

Even now, when the corporate media has largely turned on him amid catastrophic poll numbers, Biden’s lack of mental fitness goes mostly ignored.

But the UK Daily Mail did bother to report on it. After yesterday, there was no choice.

President Joe Biden looked lost again Thursday after finishing a speech on the nation’s ongoing supply chain crisis when he turned around and stuck his hand out as if to shake hands – but there was no one else on stage.

The 79-year-old president claimed before the handshake fiasco that he had served as a ‘full professor’ at the University of Pennsylvania despite never teaching a class at the school, in yet another gaffe that has Republicans questioning Biden’s cognitive abilities.

Last week, Biden looked disoriented during an event that saw former President Barack Obama visit the White House for the first time since leaving office.

Footage from the Thursday event shows Biden ending the speech in Greensboro, North Carolina, with the signoff ‘God bless you all’  before turning to his right and seemingly saying something to the empty space behind him and miming a handshake.

The Democrat proceeds to frantically look around the stage with a bewildered look on his face before beginning to wander aimlessly around the crowded auditorium.

He then bizarrely turned his back to the audience, looking lost on the stage as music rolled, marking the speech’s conclusion.

One wonders if there would have been any media reaction at all had Ted Cruz not pointed it out…


We’re in a terrifying, if fascinating, moment. We’re stuck with a president who at this point is incapable of carrying out his duties and is most certainly not running the country, but he’s propped up by the fact that his handlers are terrified of the vice president who is less popular and potentially even less capable than Biden is.

And a rudderless nation drifts toward recession and foreign-policy irrelevance as its government careens toward tyranny.

Elections can’t come fast enough.



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