Bill Cassidy Isn’t A Good Republican Team Player

We’re not going to go full White Knight for Marjorie Taylor Greene here. She doesn’t need it, and it isn’t really our business what the folks in her Georgia congressional district want to do with her in the Republican primary. Greene has been an impeccable conservative vote in her time since getting elected in 2020, and the caterwauling over how supposedly inappropriate she is, which led to Nancy Pelosi’s tyrannical House leadership banning Greene from serving on any committees, has yet to be justified by much of anything Greene has actually done.

But when we saw this, it spoke volumes.

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) is set to take part in a fundraiser for Jennifer Strahan, who’s challenging Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) in a GOP primary early next month.

According to a flier first obtained by Business Insider, Cassidy will attend a reception for Strahan hosted by the Republican women’s group VIEW PAC on May 3.

Cassidy’s involvement in a Georgia House primary is unusual given his status as an incumbent senator from another state. However, Cassidy and Greene are on the two opposite sides of the Republican Party’s debate over the 2020 presidential election results.

Last year, Cassidy voted to convict former President Trump for his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol during Trump’s second impeachment trial. Greene, on the other hand, has openly defended those who were arrested in connection with the attack.

Cassidy has also been critical of Greene in the past.

“She’s part of the conspiracy cabal, and that cabal should not be part of the Republican Party,” Cassidy said last year, referring to Greene.

We don’t know anything about Jennifer Strahan, and frankly we don’t really care.

What we care about is that Bill Cassidy is now openly backing challengers to Republican incumbents who have perfect voting records. Bill Cassidy’s voting record is not perfect – the American Conservative Union, which puts on the CPAC event every year as well as a congressional scorecard, is known for somewhat easy grades, and yet Cassidy has only a 67 on the scorecard they just released.

At 67 is a “D” grade as we remember from our school days. So you have a “D” student trying to get rid of an “A” student. Marjorie Taylor Greene was one of 23 House members to score a 100 on the ACU scorecard. You can criticize her all you want, but the fact is she’s as consistent a conservative vote as there is on Capitol Hill. Short of outright corruption or other criminal activity, that ought to insulate her. If she was a Democrat with a 100 percent leftist voting record you know for sure she’d be untouchable.

And Greene is going to win that primary, the Stupid Party crowd at National Review notwithstanding. For Cassidy to put himself into that race is dumb all around.

He isn’t even going to help Jennifer Strahan. Strahan holds herself out as a Trump supporter, and here she is aligning with Cassidy who voted to impeach Trump. That’s terrible branding in a district where Trump has a better than 70 percent approval rating among Republicans. And if and when Greene beats Strahan on May 24, it’s going to make Cassidy look ineffectual and ridiculous.


Whoever is giving him political advice is killing Bill Cassidy. Not that he needs a lot of help. He’s a classic Stupid Party politician who can’t stop stepping on rakes.

It’s a shame Cassidy isn’t up for re-election this fall. Not just in Louisiana, Republican voters are salivating over the prospect of repudiating people like Cassidy.



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