Bye, Karen

I was on Talk 107.3 FM this morning with our old buddy Brian Haldane, and you can catch that here, and interestingly enough the first question Brian asked had to do with the political retirement/resignation/journey into oblivion that Karen Carter Peterson embarked upon over the weekend.

Jeff Sadow gave a bit of a political eulogy of Peterson here. What he didn’t note was the really juicy part, which is that apparently there’s a federal investigation afoot which it seems is playing a role in Peterson’s decision to hang it up…

Longtime Senator Karen Carter Peterson, who resigned Friday, is the subject of a federal investigation, according to

Specifics surrounding the investigation have not been released, but a source told the probe was financial and linked to Peterson’s gambling addiction.

Peterson cited her addiction and depression as the reasons she was resigning from office.

On the radio, I passed along some speculation I heard that this might have had something to do with the nice chunk of change Stacey Abrams helped Peterson raise last year when she ran for Congress. But it’s too soon to say any of that for sure.

The thing is, it’s hard not to have mixed feelings about this.

Part of me is traumatized, because Karen Carter Peterson is one of the best things to happen to the Louisiana Republican Party maybe since Lincoln. When you can make somebody like her the face of your opposition, you don’t even have to be any good and you can still win elections. That part of me is praying she isn’t in any real trouble with the feds and she can resume her political career soon. Hell, I’d love to see her run for governor. Why not?

But another part of me is delighted to see her go. Peterson has been the most disgustingly vile politician on Louisiana’s scene for a decade now. She’s prone to violence, she’s treated her fellow legislators in scandalous ways, she accuses people of being racist with zero basis, there have been rumors for a long time about how crooked she is, though this current federal investigation is the first one I remember, and she represents a wing of American politics which desperately needs not to have power over its fellow man. Getting her the hell away from the Louisiana legislature is a win for our state.

But let’s face it – Peterson is going to be replaced with another New Orleans Democrat who’ll have lousy ethics, bad manners and limited-to-zero understanding of how socialist policies do real damage to people’s lives. You might end up with somebody who’s marginally better than Peterson from the standpoint of optics, but you aren’t getting a Byron Donalds or Tim Scott in that district when it comes to taxes or the size and scope of government.


Sadow said he wishes her well. I’m not as nice as he is. I suspect she’s guilty as hell of whatever it is the feds are probing her for, and if she is then I’d be happy to see – finally – an example made of a crooked Democrat politician. I’m sick of seeing these pampered princes and princesses openly flouting the law and nothing being done about it, so if Peterson has the book thrown at her I’d call that progress toward accountability.

I said on Haldane’s show that Democrat politicians generally don’t leave office unless it’s in handcuffs or a pine box. I’ll say at least that I won’t root for the latter in Peterson’s case.

Either way, we’re well rid of her as an elected politician, at least for now. Soon we’ll have a fresh, new bad Democrat to groan about, but at least we’ll get some churn.



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