CINCINNATUS: Fighting The Dictatorship Of The Disgruntled

Editor’s Note: a guest post by a Hayride reader known as Cincinnatus.

In the past generation many of America’s institutions have been taken over by individuals who I call “The Disgruntled.”  These are people who are fundamentally angry with the America I was born into, the America of the 1950’s.  They view that America as racist, homophobic, “transphobic”, environmentally uncaring, immoral, militaristic and colonial, to name just a few detractions.  These individuals have nothing good to say about that, traditional, America or even today’s America, for that matter.

They are not happy and content people, the disgruntled.  You will not find them in “Leave It To Beaver” type households or in towns like Andy Griffith’s “Mayberry.”  They are not “go along, get along” types.  What they are is dissatisfied and mad.  And they also want revenge, revenge against Traditional America.

How the disgruntled got that way is an interesting question.  Some were taught in public schools and universities that America is an evil place, and because so many of them are incapable of critical thinking they simply accepted that claim.

Other disgruntled types “feel” marginalized and apart.  Whether they have good reason to feel that way is another question, but the point is that they do.  Hence they are resentful. Many seek retribution and some actually want to inflict pain on what you and I call normal society.

Yet other members of the disgruntled coalition, for it is a coalition of groups who want to tear down Traditional America, are completely obsessed by our racially flawed past.  They are not impressed with the efforts to make amends that were made in the past half century.  No, affirmative action and government set asides are not enough for them.  Some of them simply want to “get even.”

This desire for revenge and the desire to to inflict pain on Traditional America is a powerful motivator.  It is a strong emotion and is not easily contained, especially when there is no pushback.  Indeed, because the disgruntled so rarely experience meaningful pushback  they have been emboldened.  Hence they demand more and more with each passing year and whatever you give them is not enough.

They are not satisfied when you say:  “I am not interested in your sexual preferences and I will not discriminate against you based on your private conduct, as long as it is between consenting adults.”  That’s not good enough – not by a long shot, for it merely demonstrates neutrality.  They want you to praise and glorify them, and they want to force your schoolchildren to be exposed to their “lifestyle” choices.

Nor are they satisfied when you say skin pigmentation means nothing to you and you judge people by their character.  They consider that an “aggression” worthy of condemnation and more.  Indeed, they feel threatened by such statements because a colorblind society would deprive them of the benefits and special rights they militantly demand and have often received.  That is why they scream “Math is Racist” and insist on good grades for students who say 2 + 2 = 5.


Yes, the disgruntled are ferocious.  And yet, we cannot surrender to them.  We cannot surrender no matter how terrible the fight for our culture will be.  For as unpleasant as that fight may become, there is no alternative.  I, for one, am not willing to live in a society where eye surgeons are selected based on skin pigmentation versus deftness with a scalpel.  Are you?  For that is what the disgruntled want.  They want that, and much more.

So how do you fight them?  The answer is:  All the time.  At every turn, in every forum and at each opportunity.  You must be as relentless as they are, not only in words but in deeds.  And you must also support leaders who will stand up to them, and become such a leader yourself, if you have it in you.

To do this you need to support college presidents who enforce free speech codes, to give one example.  And you have to fight the racism of critical race theory, and you must give time and money to help political leaders who have the courage to do battle with this dragon.  In other words, do whatever you can, all the time.

At a public meeting I attended recently an attorney made the point that whenever he can he wears tee shirts that convey some message of freedom, for example, a tee shirt that says “No Vaccine Mandates.”  All of us could wear tee shirts like that.  Or how about a shirt that proclaims your intent to defend yourself from the violent, sadistic and unreformable criminals that roam too many of our cities?  That’s a good idea too.

This attorney I met is a warrior, as indeed we must all be today.  We must defend our culture, our values and our way of life, or see our society and the future of our children crumble into the hell hole of totalitarian slavery.  Please, join the soldiers fighting this battle.  Thank you.



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