J.P. Morrell Calls For Restricting Guns For Law-Abiding Citizens, Promptly Gets Roasted

New Orleans City Councilman and wannabe mayor J.P. Morrell took to Twitter to call for more gun control. Specifically, he wants to restrict guns for “law-abiding citizens” (his quotes).

That’s right, J.P. Morrell sees you, the law-abiding gun owners, as the problem.

Suffice to say, the people on Twitter were not having it and they proceeded to roast Morrell in the replies.


This guy has a really good idea:

Speaking for me personally, I definitely want my own M16A4, M4, or perhaps my very own armored vehicle. Yeah, the gas mileage would suck, and filling it up would really hurt my wallet, especially with Joe Biden’s gas prices. But it would definitely be a conversation starter in my driveway.

There is also the problem of how expensive ammo is these days if you can get it. But firing fully automatic weapons is fun and definitely serves the purpose of self-defense well.

Meanwhile, back to Twitter. This guy really gets right to the crux of the issue with Morrell’s tweet, other than the restrictions on constitutional rights.


The gun violence problem in New Orleans is not law-abiding citizens. These people are not going to Jefferson Parish, St. Bernard Parish, or St. Tammany Parish to buy guns from the local gun store or pawn shop. They’re not even going to Academy or to the local gun show. They’re either stealing the guns, buying them on the black market, or they’re having someone, a “straw purchaser”, buy the guns illegally.

Meanwhile, we’ll close with the tweets with this astute observation from a woman.

The government in New Orleans doesn’t even bother enforcing the law as it is. How dare they advocate for the disarming of law-abiding people to cover up for their failure.

The people will not give up their guns willingly. They definitely will not give up them because a certain city refuses to actually punish crime.



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