SADOW: Whiny Edwards Won’t Condemn Mean-Spirited Biden

If you can’t win, at least go out a sore loser. Better, spitefully do so to the detriment of poor families, Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards demonstrated at the close of the 2022 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature.

Edwards was peeved that the Republican leadership of the chambers outmaneuvered him in sending through SB 44 by GOP state Sen. Beth Mizell. Almost identical to a measure he vetoed last year, this would prohibit biological males at the scholastic and collegiate level from competing in sports designed for females only. Speaking to the media at the session’s conclusion, he said he would do nothing with it so it would become law, after previously having tried to save face by hinting removing an almost-meaningless application to intramural sports made all the difference in the world in him not casting a veto.

Make no mistake, he didn’t try because he knew he would lose. The damage to the psyches and earnings potential of females became only more apparent over the past year by not having such a protection in law, and the decision by the chambers’ leadership to take his line-item veto power off the table put him in a position where any veto he cast would have been overridden.

Knowing that, he didn’t miss the opportunity to whine about his defeat, calling the law “mean-spirited.” In fact, he should have looked in the mirror to find that quality, judging from what his partisan bedfellows in the White House are trying to do.

The Democrat Pres. Joe Biden Administration, to retaliate against those states passing such laws, will attempt to deny school lunch program funds to them. At the time the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic descended on Louisiana, about 85 percent of public school children were eligible to receive such a benefit, which provides up to two meals a school day free to recipients.


It won’t happen, because the Biden Administration won’t have followed the federal Administrative Procedures Act mandates for a legal rule change and proper notice and comment period. Moreover, its interpretation tries to import a U.S. Supreme Court decision over one area of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 onto another that the Court didn’t authorize, providing a second grounds to issue an injunction if this tactic is attempted.

Regardless of the illegality of the move, unlike other governors Edwards has remained silent over the possibility by failing to condemn it. That coming attempt displays genuine “mean-spirited” action, and shows the utter deceit of Edwards and his allies on the political left who allege to champion the interests of the poor when in reality they care only about accruing power and privilege for themselves in pursuit of a destructive ideology for the people as whole.



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