VIDEO: Steve Scalise Marks Five Years Since The Attempt On His Life

This is really something to see. It’s a video, which goes just over 12 minutes long, put out by the office of House Minority Whip Steve Scalise documenting the five years since a deranged leftist activist named James Hodgkinson attempted to assassinate members of the Republican congressional baseball team in June of 2017.

Hodgkinson didn’t succeed, of course. He was shot dead by two Capitol Police officers who were working security for Scalise due to his position in the leadership. But not before he was able to put a bullet into Scalise’s pelvis, shattering his hip and putting him microns away from death by the time he got to the hospital. It was a miracle that doctors were able to save his life, and he spent 3 1/2 months in the hospital, and it’s been a long road since for him to get back to normal physical functions.

Were it not for those two Capitol Police officers, both of whom took bullets from Hodgkinson that day before putting his lights out, there would have been a whole bunch of dead GOP congressmen. Scalise certainly would have been one of them – if he hadn’t been medevac’ed to the hospital in a helicopter when he was, he’d have bled out on that field. And while the other congressmen who were able to take cover might have ganged up and rushed Hodgkinson, he would certainly have taken several of them with him.

The video doesn’t make too much of the political motivation behind Hodgkinson’s actions. It talks about how he was a leftist, and several of the congressmen interviewed for it noted how ticked off they were over the FBI report suggesting this was a suicide-by-cop episode – which is ludicrous. What it doesn’t note was that Hodgkinson was a Bernie Bro; he’d been a Bernie Sanders operative and enthusiast who took seriously the Vermont socialist’s call for a “political revolution” in this country.

Why Sanders gets off so easily when, for example, Sarah Palin was somehow blamed for a lunatic who shot Rep. Gabby Giffords is a mystery.

No, it isn’t. We all know why. It’s still worth pointing out, though.

In any event, this is well worth a watch, and we’re not confident you’ll see it anywhere else, so here it is…

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