APPEL: Why Is It Trump’s GOP Now, Do You Think?

Yesterday morning, following Liz Cheney’s blowout loss to Harriet Hageman in the Wyoming Republican congressional primary, a news reporter said that the GOP is clearly Trump’s Party.

He may be right, but why is that?

How is it that a man who his adversaries decry as a danger to democracy can be considered the leader of a party so dedicated to the preservation of traditional free democracy? How can a man be so adored by millions of Republicans and moderates when his actions and words so conflict with the values that were always attributed to conservative voters?

Let’s take that first question.

Trump’s political adversaries have it wrong. He is not a danger to democracy; he is a danger to progressive and socialist Democrats that would for their own benefit turn American democracy into something that is unfathomable to millions. For all his flaws Trump’s philosophy of government, proven by his term in office, is simply that we must ensure that our domestic and foreign policies are based on uplifting all Americans.

Despite the media’s frenetic efforts to cover it up, history doesn’t lie. During his term we saw containment of the ambitions of Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia, we saw movement toward long term settlement of the Middle Eastern issues, we saw growth in prosperity for all Americans especially minorities and women, and we saw a return to the sense of pride in our American republic.

In two short years all of that has been erased by Democrats who, in a mad rush to regain power, have divided our people and pushed us toward socialism on a scale that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. So yes, Trump is a danger to Democrats, but clearly not to the American people or their democracy.

Without a doubt Trump is a flawed character. We knew that when we elected him. Contrary to every tenet of American history and philosophy, Democrats have spent years abusing the investigatory power of Congress, the federal justice system, and positions that they hold as DA’s and AG’s in blue cities and states to undermine American faith in him. But nothing that they have done has overcome American resistance, personified in Trump, to their push to convert us into a progressive socialist state.

Trump offers two things to the American people that allow us to overlook his obvious foibles, two things that especially the GOP has been desperately seeking for a generation.

First, Trump’s political efforts are underpinned by that promise to Americans that their prosperity and security will be his first priority, and second, perhaps most importantly, he has proven that he can deliver on that promise. After generations of feel-good Republican leaders who went along to get along, GOP voters have had enough of watching our cities, our economy, and our culture degrade under the constant assault of Progressive leadership and GOP acquiescence.

Then along came Trump giving overburdened Americans a voice by proffering to Make America Great Again. Now millions of Americans cling to him because he is their voice. Americans appreciate a leader, flawed or not, who leads.


Under Trump, Democratic power waned as the folly of their ideas were exposed. In response their strategy has been to gaslight Americans into distrusting their own eyes by turning the MAGA concept into an invective. But the people appreciate Trump’s ideas of American Greatness and the prosperity and peace that results.

And they like that despite the formidable power arrayed against him the President succeed in implementing so much of his agenda. Despite a virulent media assault on the term, Americans instinctively understand that MAGA is not a dirty word; it is a promise of something tangible, a foundation upon which we can build a modern society, one built upon the validity of American strength and pride. The GOP gets that, as recent primary elections demonstrate GOP voter willingness to move toward that future.

Now this may seem a glowing endorsement of Donald Trump. It is not. As I said Trump is flawed man. But he brought forward the ideas that Americans longed for, and he brought his ability to win. Perhaps there are others in waiting who have the same political attributes as Trump but are not so controversial. Perhaps those in waiting will be able to build on what Trump began but without the baggage.

Perhaps the next great American leader is Ron DeSantis.

Americans don’t necessarily agree with all of the MAGA ideas, I certainly don’t. Americans do not blindly condone Trump’s actions or his personality, I don’t. But the concept of Making America Great Again stands strong in the hearts and minds of not just Republicans and moderates, but also millions of average Americans who see the fallacy of the far-Left’s assault on what we all know to be true.

Is the GOP Trump’s Party? It is, at least until someone else comes along to pick up his mantle. After a brief flirtation with a bumbling Biden and the uber-Progressive policies that he allowed to be imposed on America, we all sense a growing decline. Will Trump be the leader to deliver on the promise of reversing our socialist drift by building a resilient America based not upon submission to the inevitability of 21st century Progressivism, but upon revived American eminence?

Stay tuned and we will all find out together.



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