LACAG: Kyle Ardoin Is Leading On Electoral Integrity

In LACAG’s last submission on election reform, we linked to the testimony of Alex Halderman before the Louisiana Voting System Commission on December 13, 2021 regarding the acute vulnerabilities of Ballot Marking Devices (BMDs) used by 90% of American citizens to vote. Halderman testified that BMDs can be electronically hacked, and votes can be remotely switched from one candidate or proposition to another, without being detected by election officials. Halderman testified that bad cyber actors have tried, and continue to try, to electronically manipulate our votes. Halderman is joined by other prominent cyber-security experts like Andrew Appel of Princeton, Richard DeMillo of Georgia Tech, and Philip Stark of the University of California, Berkeley, all of whom recommend kicking BMDs to the curb as a universal voting method and replacing it with a system of secure, hand-marked paper ballots as the only fail-safe method of securing our vote. At this point, any Louisiana election official who resists the compelling need to trash BMDs does so at the risk of their political viability. LACAG continues to encourage Louisiana citizens to contact their local clerks of court and registrars of voters and say “no mas” to universal BMDs.

Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin appears to be listening to Louisiana citizens. Recently, Ardoin terminated Louisiana’s relationship with the Electronic Registration Information System (ERIC), created by his predecessor.   ERIC is a voluntary nation-wide voter registration system funded in part by leftist Globalist George Soros’ Open Society. Of the 31 member states, Louisiana is the first and only one yet to terminate its relationship with ERIC due to serious security concerns regarding ERIC’s management of voter registration information.

Advertised as a method to provide states with an accurate system of voter roll management, ERIC has fought for decades, along with the Democrat Party, against providing its voter list maintenance data to the public. Further, ERIC nowhere requires that voter rolls be periodically purged to ensure accuracy, which is both odd and alarming in light of the very reason for its existence. And ERIC’s own bylaws provide that “Under no circumstances shall the members transmit an individual’s record where the record contains documentation that an individual is a non-citizen of the United States.”  Why would an organization charged with ensuring the accuracy of voter information submitted by its member states prohibit data verifying whether an individual is an American citizen, and therefore eligible to vote in American elections? The answer is that ERIC is a glorified left-wing voter registration drive, controlled and funded by the world’s wealthiest Globalist whose goal is to undermine, not enhance, voter integrity and transparency. Victoria Marshall’s recent piece regarding both the considerable deficiencies of ERIC, as well as its deep Leftist ties, is excellent. LACAG applauds Secretary Ardoin’s consequential decision to terminate Louisiana’s relationship with ERIC and return exclusive access to Louisiana’s voter data to Louisiana election officials.

It is also important to note that Secretary Ardoin recently issued a critically important directive to Louisiana election officials that will both further secure the 2022 mid-term elections and, in due course, provide an opportunity to fully review election data from the controversial 2020 election.  Specifically, Secretary Ardoin’s directive requires officials to retain records “for the 2020 election, as well as each federal election going forward until otherwise noted.” (Emphasis added).


Every Louisiana citizen has a fundamental, individual constitutional right under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to be secure in his vote, and to know that his vote reliably reflects his choice. The freedom to choose our own leaders in a free republic is what separates this Country from brutal totalitarian regimes throughout the world. To this end, Louisiana law requires that its voting system have the “highest level of election security…”

LACAG applauds Secretary Ardoin for showing exceptional leadership and initiative in continuing to take steps to ensure that Louisiana election officials fully comply with Louisiana law, thereby ensuring that Louisiana is a place whose citizens can be assured that their votes are free, reliable, and secure. There is no more important task.

Christopher Alexander
Louisiana Citizen Advocacy Group,



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