BREAKING: Louisiana Supreme Court Shuts Down Abortion In The State

Here’s a press release from Louisiana Right to Life, who seems to have been the first to report some big news from the state Supreme Court…

As previously reported, the Shreveport abortion facility, Hope Medical Group for Women, filed a request with the Louisiana Supreme Court asking them to reverse the First Circuit Court of Appeals decision that shuttered the three abortion facilities in the state pending further legal challenges.

Today, the Louisiana Supreme Court denied the request, keeping the First Circuit’s decision in place. Louisiana’s pro-life laws will remain in effect pending further legal proceedings in the First Circuit Court of Appeals on the preliminary injunction.

Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life Benjamin Clapper said the following about the Louisiana Supreme Court’s decision: “We are thankful that babies in Louisiana will continue to be protected from abortion while the abortion industry’s frivolous lawsuit plays out in court. Their lawsuit is disrespectful to our citizens and legislators who have made it clear for decades that we value life in the womb.”

A week ago, the Supreme Court declined to toss out a ruling by trial judge Don Johnson of the 19th Judicial District Court in Baton Rouge on the Hope Medical case, in which a Shreveport abortuary is challenging the constitutionality of the state’s new abortion ban law that would put them out of business.

Johnson granted a stay of the law’s enforcement. Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry took that first to the Supreme Court, who opted to wait on the First Circuit Court of Appeal. The First Circuit threw out Johnson’s stay.

And Hope Medical then asked LASC for a stay of the First Circuit’s decision. Which generated today’s news.

It’s a very reasonable conclusion, given the makeup of the appellate courts and the state of the law, particularly in today’s post-Roe v. Wade legal climate, that abortion in Louisiana will never be legal again.


So there’s that.

It’s terrific when we can end a week on good news, and now we’ve got it.

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