Three Fingers Are Pointing Back At You, James Carville

We’ve covered, of late, the coming apart of the aging and increasingly irrelevant Bourbon Democrat avatar James Carville, whose increasingly incoherent rants were most recently highlighted by Senate candidate Gary Chambers. The latter called Carville out for the obvious racism inherent in his advocacy for fellow white Democrat Luke Mixon in the race Chambers is running – and for good reason.

Carville’s pal Katie Bernhardt, the AWFUL (affluent white female urban leftist) who serves as the chair of the Louisiana Democrat Party, ran an obnoxiously-rigged endorsement process at last weekend’s meeting of the Democrat State Central Committee designed for a specific purpose: to deny Chambers the party’s endorsement in the Senate race.

As we noted, this has nothing to do with the attempt to beat John Kennedy in November. Kennedy cannot be beaten by a Democrat in November, and that is well known and understood. The competition at hand is for second place, and ultimately who gets to rule over the ruin that is the Democrat Party in Louisiana.

Affluent white leftists like Bernhardt, Carville, John Bel Edwards and others have controlled the Louisiana Democrat Party for well more than a century – broken only nominally in the few years between the time the non-affluent white leftist Huey Long became governor and the Longite politicians who followed Huey became affluent. The political mentality is the same – mobilize the poor against the middle class and insure that the ruling elite stays in control through a combination of anti-growth tax policy, regulatory restraint of trade, widespread graft and corruption and poisonously bad public infrastructure.

That’s been the brand for as long as pretty much any of our readers have been alive. The problem is it’s a disaster. Louisiana is so woefully behind neighbor states like Texas and Florida as to call into question whether we’ll ever be able to successfully compete with them again, and the governing model established by the Edwardses of the world supported by the Bernhardts and Carvilles is the most obvious reason why.

Who’s hurt the worst by this? The one-third of the state’s population of African-American descent, who suffer from crushing poverty, who typically live in neighborhoods wracked by outrageous crime, awful government schools, a lack of jobs capable of producing social mobility and a cultural degradation caused in no small part by public policy which leads to hopelessness and government dependence.

Chambers has all the wrong answers, but he at least understands that allowing the James Carvilles of the world to speak for him and his people doesn’t work. And when Carville called him an “idiot” for not getting out of the way and letting Mixon, a rookie candidate who’s a terrible speaker with nothing interesting to say, have the united support of the Democrat Party, Chambers unloaded on him and called him a racist.

Which is James Carville’s dirty little secret. He’s an old-school white Democrat racist for whom black people are nothing but a means to an end. They exist to provide votes for Carville’s candidates and not much else.

Everybody knows this. Black Democrat politicians have known it for years and allowed themselves to be bought off because they lacked the confidence to take over the Louisiana Democrat Party and shunt the Carvilles of the world off to the side.

But Chambers is of a different stripe and he’s intent on capturing that party, or at least the ruins of it, for the 60 percent of registered Democrats who are black. And after the dirty-tricks move Bernhardt pulled in Saturday’s party meeting, which resulted in a triple endorsement of Chambers, Mixon and the hapless minor candidate Syrita Steib rather than the endorsement of Chambers the party’s executive committee had proposed, that intention is clear.

So James Carville is about to be on the outs among the poo-bahs of the Louisiana Democrat Party, just like he’s already on the outs among the national Democrats; the active ingredient among the Dems in Washington is AOC, not Hillary Clinton, and Carville finds himself ranting in the wilderness when he warns that “wokeness is a problem” among a party which can’t get woke enough.


He’s something of a Liz Cheney figure in his own party, a living fossil lacking relevance or an accurate worldview. Carville is right to note that the woke will ultimately destroy the Democrats, but the reason the woke exist, just like the reason the MAGA/revivalist wing of the GOP has wiped out the Cheneys, is that the Carvilles and Cheneys don’t work anymore. They’re failures. They produced awful results. And the public is done with them.

What to do when this starts to become clear and no one cares what you have to say? Hurl insults, of course. This was Carville…

Where he gets the idea that only 11 percent of Democrats are woke socialists while 65 percent of Republicans want to “storm the Capitol,” we have no idea. It doesn’t even matter, because James Carville has been a shameless liar his whole life, so he’ll say whatever he thinks sounds good.

It should be pointed out that the entire summer of 2020 consisted of the Democrat base burning down America’s cities with the tacit support of the Democrats’ politicians who run those cities and James Carville had not one damn word of contrition for any of that.

Not to mention that James Carville was totally on board with the patent falsehood that was the narrative the 2016 election was stolen, so he hasn’t the faintest shred of credibility to whine about Jan. 6. After all, the Trump administration didn’t take political prisoners when Democrat activists engaged in a programmatic campaign of harassment of Republican electors, demanding they go faithless rather than fulfill their duty and cast Electoral College votes in Trump’s favor.

And now he’s calling the Republican base a bunch of racists and misogynists and “evil” people.

Well, guess what, Carville? It takes one to know one.

We didn’t get a chance to share this tweet earlier. It came from Chambers, and it’s video of Carville’s “sensational” candidate Luke Mixon bumbling his way through a question about ending the filibuster and getting taken to the woodshed by the “idiot,” in Carville’s estimation. If Carville’s characterization of the relative value of the two candidates is based on something other than race, we’re willing to hear what that might be.



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