BAYHAM: Democracy Isn’t On The Ballot, But Democrat-Created Misery Is

Tuesday will mark the first normal national election since before the COVID pandemic altered American society in early 2020.

Voters will hit their polling stations sans masks (unless they choose to wear one) and they will render their verdict on how the Democrats have managed matters on the national and state levels over the past two years.

And on the party of economically crippling lockdowns, traumatizing school children, forced vaccinations, and a host of other awful policies enacted via fiat, ironically the very means of how actual fascism is practiced.

Democrats should not expect that hoped for “COVID Amnesty” from the citizens they terrorized in the name of “following the science”.

Burdened with their own record, the inflation deniers, Biden excusers, COVID fanatics, and violent crime enablers have been forced to frame the election as a test of survival of American democracy.

Oh, the absurdity!

People are more worried about the riot at their local convenience store last week than what occurred at the US Capitol almost two years ago because while the perpetrators of the latter have experienced harsh consequences ,those terrorizing the streets and subways in cities across America are seemingly free to do their violent deeds with impunity, ironically all in the name of (social) justice.

The most recent polling shows that Americans believe by a 50% margin that the country is heading in the wrong direction.

And as one party controls the White House and both houses of Congress, it should not be surprising that the Democrats will take a hit.

Rather than offering solutions (which would be difficult, as how does a party fix the very problems their own policies created?) the country has heard its inept president mumble aloud the words ultra mega MAGA, the crazy-eyed media screech about the end of democracy via the democratic process, and talking heads declare everyone else in the world is suffering, so why is America so special?

And try as they might, the Democrats cannot abort themselves out of their political predicament.

Contrary to what Democrats may want to believe, Americans spend more time and money at the grocery than a Planned Parenthood clinic.

What’s truly unfortunate is, worse is yet to come as winter approaches.

Rather than shifting course, Biden has stated he’ll doubled down on his embrace of insufficient eco ersatz for reliable and plentiful coal and oil generated power, which will create cost and accessibility challenges for American families.

And just wait for the jump in energy prices once the election-eve raiding of the strategic petroleum reserve ends.

The Republican Party is positioned to make significant gains on Tuesday, winning races in corners of the country such as New England and the Atlantic seaboard that have not been kind to the GOP in recent years.

The next time Nancy Pelosi tears apart a printed speech on national television it’ll happen from the terrace seats of the US House of Representatives or from her sofa via Skype.


And there’s a good chance that Chuck Schumer’s days as Majority Leader will come to a permanent end, particularly if the GOP majority in the US Senate hits 54 or more. When looking ahead at which seats are up in two years Democrats won’t be in a position to take back that chamber until 2026 at the earliest, and by then it’s likely the Blue will have moved on from Chuck.

Furthermore the gubernatorial races are looking equally dire as the Democratic farm team is going to take a massive hit.

It takes a special type of arrogance to state that the survival of a free country rests upon the preservation of a party that has spectacularly mucked things up from the Kabul Airport to gas stations in Columbus, Ohio.

To do so with a straight face indicates a degree of mental delusion that ought to disqualify one from holding public office.

The Democratic Party fully owns the misery and social discord that has gripped this country for the past two years – or longer in the cases of cities and states they’ve run while Trump was still in office, or before.

Democrats fueled these hard times through word and policy and are devoid of the humility to accept responsibility for their own actions.

Don’t expect to hear an act of contrition from them on Tuesday evening’s news reports, but rather a rabid and irrational doubling down.

And don’t be surprised to hear them refer to a change of party control in Congress as constituting a “coup.”

They can’t help themselves and thusly it’s up to the voters to help them out of office.

Vote on Tuesday as if your grocery bill, your children’s emotional state, your car windows, and your thermostat are on the ballot.

Because the Democrats have proven that they can’t be trusted with any of them.



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