The B-Word Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe LaToya Cantrell

It’s fair to ask what else we’d expect her to say, but nonetheless New Orleans’ mayor LaToya Cantrell’s conduct with respect to NOPD officer Jeffrey Vappie, with whom she was clearly carrying on an extramarital affair which has blown up in Vappie’s face, is reprehensible and her latest comment on the mess hasn’t helped.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell publicly addressed a divorce filing that claims she had an affair with a former member of her security team.

Cantrell called the allegations false in a press conference Wednesday (Jan. 25) at City Hall.

In the filing, the wife of NOPD Officer Jeffrey Vappie claims her husband admitted to having an affair with “Mrs. L.C.,” who sources confirm to Fox 8 is LaToya Cantrell.

Cantrell, doubling down on a text message she sent to a newspaper reporter on the topic, said she is not involved.

“That is a personal matter, as it relates to the Vappie family, and it’s none of my business and quite frankly none of yours,” Cantrell said in response to a Fox 8 reporter’s question. “As it relates to my involvement or the false allegations, I’ve responded to that. I get them all the time, and they just haven’t stopped. It’s really interesting. They haven’t stopped and I don’t expect them to.

“As I’ve stated, you know, based on the false allegations that come my way, by the time I finish this job, literally, you know, accused of sleeping with half the city of New Orleans — both genders and all pronouns. I’m known as Teedy sometimes and Teddy other times. So, with that, false allegations, you know, that’s basically all I have to say about that.”

Is it our business? Well, it wouldn’t be but for the fact that Cantrell has been living in that city-owned apartment in the Pontalba building and carrying on with Vappie in it. According to the divorce papers Vappie’s wife filed, he admitted the affair to her.

Meaning we’re going to get court testimony on the subject. Not that we particularly need it, because the security camera footage from across the street from the apartment shows basically everything but sex between the two. The comings and goings at suspicious hours of the day, the length of time Vappie was there with her, the two of them leaving the apartment together in various states of dress (sometimes for work, sometimes just for hanging out)… they were carrying on a relationship.

She refuses to admit it. She keeps calling the allegations lies, except she isn’t offering any alternative explanations. Those are “none of your business,” except when it happens at a taxpayer-owned pad.

Most of all she just comes off as a bitch.

She destroyed her own marriage, and now she’s destroyed Vappie’s marriage, and rather than try to apply some honor to the situation by at least owning up to it and saying this is a matter of the heart and offering an indication that she and he would ultimately get together, she denies him.


So if you’re an Orleans Parish taxpayer, you’re just on the hook for an arrogant homewrecker who isn’t just damaging life in New Orleans but the individual lives of those she touches – on your dime at a place you own.

There are supposedly 15,000 more signatures for the Cantrell recall effort to gain with about a month left for the organizers to gain them. We’ll see if this latest disastrous revelation irritates enough people to get the job finished.



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