ALEXANDER: President Biden Must Defend America From Foreign Invaders

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Incredibly, recent news reports have revealed that the U.S government regularly allows trespass of our airspace by China, a hostile foreign power.  Conversely, Americans are unified on this issue of National Security: as a free and sovereign nation, we should be defending our nation with all force and means necessary.

The American homeland must be protected, and it is unnerving that a Chinese spy balloon can go undetected until a single news photographer in Montana happened to be watching the sky, saw the balloon overhead, took a picture with a long-range telephoto lens and circulated it on the internet.  Only then did Biden even react but failed to take action for roughly one full week.

Additionally, even more recently, Biden Administration officials disclosed that the U.S. military shot down a “high-altitude object” flying in territorial waters over Alaska.  The object was apparently flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet and posed a “reasonable threat to the safety of civilian flight.”  The Administration has disclosed that it doesn’t know who owns the unmanned object or its purpose.

But, the Chinese reconnaissance spy balloon, equipped with multiple antennas and sensors for collecting and transmitting back to China a wide range of intelligence and communications, was allowed to traverse the U.S., passing over several high security military installations before being shot down in the Atlantic off the coast of South Carolina.

As noted, the balloon had at that point already traversed parts of northwestern Canada and Idaho.  Of great concern is that Montana is home to U.S. land-based nuclear missile silos and the Pentagon has admitted the balloon traveled over this and several other “sensitive” areas.

Millions of Americans have wondered out loud this week “with an $850 billion defense budget, why can’t our government detect a Chinese spy balloon?”  And, if it was detected, why were the American people not immediately alerted to this foreign threat?

The Wall Street Journal notes that the larger picture is that for the second time in a week the U.S. has had its airspace invaded.  The alarming picture is that “an undetected balloon would be able to deliver a nuclear explosive that could detonate above the ground and cripple the U.S. electrical grid with an electromagnetic pulse.  That’s all too real a scenario if there is a major U.S. conflict with China, or for that matter with any major adversary.” (WSJ, 2-6-23).

And, as James J. Carafano of The Heritage Foundation has observed, “there are no two ways to parse this.  A Chinese spy balloon traversing the entirety of the United States is blatantly illegal, a clear violation of American airspace, and a deliberate encroachment on American sovereignty.  It is a perfect example of the kind of threat that post-9/11 homeland security measures were meant to prevent.” (2-10-23).

Carafano concludes with the assertion that “… the real reason for the Administration’s belated, muddled, and confused response is that Biden is trapped between his desire to want to normalize relations with China, and the American people who want him to get tough on China and protect us.”

Maybe Carafano is right, but I believe that his point is only a part of the explanation for why it took one week to shoot the balloon down.


Americans may also reasonably ask:  “Is it possible the president is so soft on China because he is compromised as a result of the multi-million dollar business deals, documented on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which the Biden Crime Family has entered into with the Chinese Communist government?”

Additionally, let’s not forget that this dangerous invasion of our skies is completely consistent with the invasion this Administration has encouraged on our southern border, making America vulnerable to millions of illegal aliens, dozens of persons on the FBI’s terrorist watch list, and enough fentanyl to kill every American several times over.

The issue of illegals and fentanyl, combined with theft, crime, terrorists, and human trafficking, including child sex trafficking, is both a humanitarian disaster and a serious national security vulnerability.

A country that can’t or won’t control its own borders is not a sovereign. It is a staging ground to be occupied by anyone with the means to steal into our country.  It is a Nation in name only, just a place on a map.

Clearly something is wrong.

The Biden Administration has violated the fundamental constitutional duty of government to “provide for the common defense” and made America unsafe.

This madness must end now. Word that our planes are now shooting down these objects is encouraging, if overdue.



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