AUDIO: I Probably Got Myself In Trouble On The Radio This Morning

I’m joking, a little. Here’s the latest clip from my adventures as a guest commenter on the Morning Answer show with Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson on 560 AM in Chicago, and toward the end I’m asked about something dangerous – and trouble is sure to follow.

The segment begins with a discussion of Biden Filegate, and the hard-to-believe statements Biden has made essentially blaming aides for not having his personal papers clean of classified information. Dan and Amy bring up a recent article in Tablet Magazine by Lee Smith covering Carlyle Group founder David M. Rubenstein, a Biden ally and financier who essentially owns the National Archives – the federal organization whose strange obsession with Donald Trump’s papers led to the Mar-A-Lago raid.

I brought up the theory that Biden Filegate is a shot across the bow to get him not to run in 2024, and I brought up the recurring story about Michelle Obama and what moves the Democrats can make if they can’t do Biden.

Then we move on to a couple of other topics, and finally there’s the question of dating and society, and that’s where things perhaps might have gone off the rails a bit.


But before you hear this, you should probably know some context. Namely, I wrote a piece at The American Spectator a couple of weeks ago about a Substack post that had gone viral on the topic of whether American women had become undateable. And here’s an excerpt from that…

American women today suffer from a combination of emotional and characterologic pathology that renders them unfit to be romantic partners to men. On the emotional side, they are angry, anxious, and dysregulated. Men find them exhausting and not at all fun to be around. In addition to their unpleasant emotions, men must also contend with their toxic personality traits: narcissism, ingratitude, and an overbearing and judgmental attitude that appears to be constant. American women approach dating as a fact and fault-finding mission, with a degree of arrogance that can only come from a profound absence of self-awareness. They have no idea what their role is in the encounter or how to properly support the man who is leading the date. They act as saboteurs rather than facilitators. Most men have tired of this.

Among my comments to the Substack article was this…

What’s worth noting, as a response, is that this is accurate in describing single women, not all women. Those who don’t exhibit the unpleasant traits he’s talking about generally get snapped up in no time flat, which is why single guys will so often covet, openly and otherwise, the wives of their married friends and complain about not finding “somebody like Nicole.”

But this is a real thing, and it’s worth remembering when you hear the growing chorus of complaints from women that “there are no good guys out there.” There are, but if they’re not finding you, it’s probably because you’re driving them away, and that’s probably because McDonald has described you perfectly.

So now you know what’s going on here, even if Proft doesn’t do much of a job introducing the subject and therefore leaves me to hang myself.



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