Baton Rouge Police Arrested Two Morons For That Nightclub Shooting

One wouldn’t figure the Dior Bar shooting would have been all that hard a case to crack. It’s pretty tough to go into a crowded bar and spray bullets around, hitting 12 people (thank God nobody died), and then running out of there without getting caught.

But a couple of mental defectives named Nikeal Franklin and Jy’Shaun Jackson – and two others who are still at large – apparently thought they could pull off that stunt, and they found out over the weekend that…nope. And you won’t see them around Baton Rouge for a long time.

Police in Louisiana’s capital city have arrested two people for a mass shooting that left 12 others wounded at a nightclub in January.

Two 19-year-olds, Nikeal Franklin and Jy’Shaun Jackson, were arrested Friday, the Baton Rouge Police Department said. Franklin was charged with 12 counts of attempted first-degree murder while Jackson was charged with 12 counts of principal to attempted first-degree murder.

On Jan. 22, shots rang out around 1:30 a.m. in the Dior Bar & Lounge in Baton Rouge. A dozen people were injured, and most sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Three victims were initially listed in critical condition, but their conditions later improved.

Police said they believe the shooting was not a random act of violence and that it was “targeted.” Sgt. L’Jean McKneely Jr., a police spokesman, told The Associated Press in the days following the shooting that investigators believed the shooting was targeted at one partygoer and that bystanders were hurt in the process.

So these morons had a beef with somebody who was in the club and figured if they sprayed the whole place down they were bound to take him out.

Forget about the other innocent bystanders they’d be shooting.

Apparently Franklin, Jackson and a couple of other idiots got in a fight with somebody in the bar, left, came back armed and then Franklin and one of the suspects still at large began shooting.

It’s a matter of time before the other two get reeled in.

This is the kind of case which frankly screams for the death penalty even though none of the victims died. The fact they didn’t kill their intended victim much less anybody else shouldn’t even matter. These four clowns, and Franklin and his fellow shooter in particular, had so little regard for human life that they’d open up in a crowded bar just to waste some other guy they had a problem with.


This is worse than your typical murder, when you think about it. They fact that Franklin and the other shooter were marksmen too poor to kill anybody shouldn’t change that.

But assuming Baton Rouge doesn’t have an inexhaustible supply of idiot killers, we’re all at least a little safer with these people off the streets. And that’s something to be thankful for.



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