Happy Lundi Gras!

Here’s just a quick note to let everybody know that today and tomorrow will be a little light here at The Hayride. Not just because of the Mardi Gras season, which will come to its climax tomorrow, but for another reason.

Namely, that I’m in the process of trying to finish the first draft of a book I’m writing which actually doesn’t have a title just yet. I’m using American Saboteur: Barack Obama’s Ongoing Campaign of Race, Rage and Revenge as a working title, but I’m not sure about “saboteur” as the word I’m looking for.

Anyway, it’s about how Obama has been quite successful in his efforts to “fundamentally transform” America, and it’s going to be the first full examination of how the country has changed so drastically over the last 15 years – driven by, in ways you almost certainly don’t realize, things Obama did as president.

We’re more racially polarized, our government has been weaponized and corrupted at levels never before seen, we’re less patriotic and proud of our heritage, we like each other less, we’re a poorly-informed country despite the amazing information technology which surrounds us, our things don’t work as well and we’re declining in comparison to China which is not an accident. Perhaps worst of all, we’re now a society riding upon lies.

And the research I’ve done shows time and again, these things aren’t an accident. They didn’t just happen. Steps were taken to get us where we are, and the book shows those steps and outlines the destructive pattern laying over America over the past decade and a half.


It’s like a hostile takeover of America by somebody who was presented as a healer. And it isn’t over, because as the book argues we’re actually in the fourth presidential term of Obama’s America. Even Donald Trump’s four years didn’t break the spell; look at all the ways Obama’s Deep State thwarted Trump’s efforts to reform government.

Anyway, I’ll be taking the next two days to hammer away at finishing the first draft. The book should be out in late spring. If this topic interests you I think you’ll find the book to be quite good.

And The Hayride will be back to normal on Wednesday.



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