The Spectacle Podcast: Republicans v. Republicans instead of Republicans v. Democrats

Scott McKay and Melissa Mackenzie discuss President Donald Trump’s Ron De Santis obsession. This leads to the discussion about Republicans in general obsessing about other Republicans instead of the obvious failure Democrats like President Joe Biden.

Why don’t the Republicans have daily press conferences bringing Biden’s many nefarious deeds to light? Why don’t people know about the $900,000 from the Chinese to do nothing at the Penn Biden Center?

Why do Republicans keep propping up haters and losers? And why is Donald Trump the worst offender with this practice? Why did he, for example, support Ronna McDaniel, leader of the Republican National Committee, a loser, while rhetorically harassing a winner like Ron De Santis?


Scott and Melissa tackle these questions along with the phenomenon of Marie Kondo and Ms. Kondo’s sudden embrace of messiness now that she has a third child. The podcast ends on a hopeful note: education is being transformed. It might be a fight, but it’s one worth having.



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