DAY: Let’s Export Our Criminals To Cities Who Love Them

Editor’s Note: A guest post by Hollis Day, candidate for the Louisiana House of Representatives in District 66.

With the bizarre recent news that woke radical Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is planning to indict former president Donald Trump for activity which has repeatedly been confirmed not to be a crime, red states like Louisiana have an opportunity for an effective response. Bragg is, after all, a George Soros-funded Hard Left radical who, while he’s attempting to criminalize political disagreement with his partisan worldview, spends most of his time downgrading charges against violent criminals when he’s not prosecuting people like Jose Alba, the bodega worker who killed a criminal who was attacking him.

Under Bragg, New York City is a sanctuary city for criminals, as are Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, St. Louis, Milwaukee and several others where Soros and his allies have poured millions of dollars in to overwhelm local elections and impose a corrupt pro-criminal agenda. Crime rates in those cities are through the roof and the rule of law has broken down.

Louisiana isn’t free from Soros’ clutches, unfortunately,  New Orleans’ DA, Jason Williams, is a Soros-funded friend of crime. So is James Stewart in Shreveport. Both cities are among the most dangerous in America and things are much worse thanks to the dysfunction in the criminal justice system an absent prosecutorial office will create.

These sore spots must be handled – perhaps with election reform legislation targeted against unaccountable out-of-state dollars, or perhaps in giving the state Attorney General or Governor the power to fire district attorneys who don’t do their jobs.

But that having been done, there is a second step which ought to be taken. We’ve seen a preface for it already.

Namely, all red state governors should consider sending all of their illegal aliens and criminals to New York City.

New York City has openly declared itself a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. By his record, Bragg has signaled it’s also a sanctuary city for criminals. There is no reason why he and the city’s mayor Eric Adams, who is similarly solicitous of the criminal element despite running on a law-and-order platform, wouldn’t welcome these poor, misunderstood beautiful souls when they step off the bus at the Port Authority terminal.

Exporting our criminals, rather than spending some $20,000 per year apiece to house them, is a great way to decrease the burden on our state’s taxpayers. It’s also a great way to eliminate threats to public safety. On that score, we need all the help we can get.


I’m running for the Louisiana House of Representatives in District 66. One of the things I intend on doing if elected is to author legislation that would create and fund a program transporting illegal aliens and criminals to cities the state’s attorney general designates as sanctuaries for the lawless.

The intention is to make this a voluntary program. Leave Louisiana for good in lieu of a criminal sentence. And we’ll treat a breach of that promise the way we’d treat a violation of parole – get arrested in our state again and you’ll serve the sentence we suspended when you agreed to the free trip to the criminal sanctuary.

Louisiana has more criminals than almost anywhere else in the world, after all, and it’s quite obvious we aren’t going to incarcerate and rehabilitate our way out of this terrible threat to our public safety. We have a cultural problem and it’s time to take it on.

And by their actions it appears that New York, and the other Soros-dominated criminal sanctuary cities, are more than happy to help us. San Francisco is even discussing the payment of reparations to the descendants of slaves. As many of our hardened, chronic criminals fit that description, it seems like we have an obvious solution for both sides – that city’s politicians have guilt to assuage, and we have a ready supply of unfortunate undesirables they can practice on.

Voluntary banishment will create space in our jails for the criminal class to serve their full sentences and create more deterrence of crime. It will allow a rebalancing of our society in favor of the lawful and productive, particularly in cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport where that balance is badly out of whack.

It’s an idea whose time has come. I’m happy to discuss it with anyone who disagrees.



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