TRASCHER: Who Are The Real Victims Of The Get-Trump Obsession?

Do you want to know who the real victims are of these endless and warrantless political persecutions of President Trump are? It’s certainly not Trump himself, or anyone in the Trump family. It’s not the tens of millions of Americans who still support Trump and his America First platform, or even the Republican Party as a collective. Actually, all of the above benefit politically.

No, the true victims are a small but vocal group of mentally ill people who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Now, whether or not you believe that TDS is a real clinical diagnosis (it is, although may be referred to differently, depending on who you ask) or not, these people do suffer from a form paranoid delusional disorder that allows their hatred for all things Trump to be manifested into a sincere belief that he is some kind of international arch-criminal determined to destroy America instead of saving it.

These people tend to follow a lot of left-wing propaganda outlets disguised as news organizations who have, since at least 2015, spread demonstrably false allegations about Donald Trump 24/7 in the hopes that the sheer repetition would eventually convince the lowest common denominators among us that these lies were, in fact, true.

They started with the Russian collusion hoax, that ultimately led to a 2-year, $40+ million investigating by special prosecutor Robert Mueller (an ardent Trump hater). The investigation gave the TDS crowd false hope, as they spent the entire 2 years shouting that Trump was “guilty” while the propagandists fed their delusions with a barrage of coordinated talking points that, on a daily basis, claimed that “the walls are closing in” on Trump.

As witnesses like disgraced former Trump organization attorney Michael Cohen, and disgraced former FBI agent turned Trump saboteur Peter Strzok, to name a few, were paraded in front of congressional committees with the promise of exposing the “smoking gun” that would surely take down the Trump Presidency, the TDS crowd were actually hosting watch parties at homes and bars in deep blue cities. They were told that this was it, the big enchilada, the slam dunk, the last dance. It wasn’t even close. In fact, the witnesses that didn’t perjure themselves only did more harm to their already questionable credibility. But the propagandists presses on, knowing that they could convince the TDS crowd that these were only minor setbacks, and the REAL smoking gun was coming soon.

The whole sham known as the Mueller investigation came crashing down on July 24th, 2019 when Mueller himself testified before the House Judiciary Committee. It was already leaked that Mueller would not be recommending any criminal referrals against President Trump or anyone in his family, much to the inexplicable horror of the TDS crowd. As his final act after a long, and some might consider distinguished career, Robert Mueller appeared at the witness table as a feeble old man, struggling to put coherent thoughts together, and largely failing to recall or being able to answer any specific questions about the 448-page report bearing his name. It became clear that Mueller likely had personally little to do with the investigation itself, much less the preparation of the report. It was unclear if he had even read any of it prior to appearing before congress. One thing was clear, however, was that no criminal referrals were made against President Trump or his family because there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the Trump family or campaign had any consequential contact with anyone who had high level connections to the Kremlin. That was the crux of the “Big Lie” known as Russian Collusion. In fact, we now know that it was senior members of the Hillary Clinton campaign that started the entire Russian collusion hoax themselves. Although Mueller had failed in his mandate to find any evidence of wrongdoing by Trump or his campaign, he couldn’t fully disappoint his fans base. His final conclusion was something to the effect of “Although I couldn’t prove it with 2 years, $40 million, and a team of fire-breathing, Trump hating lawyers, I still believe in my heart that Trump is guilty of something. I just don’t know what.” That’s all the propagandists and TDS sufferers needed to hear. The ball could keep bouncing.

The Mueller Report was turned into a book that the public could buy on Amazon. The TDS crowd raced to buy it, despite it being the biggest disappointment of their sad lives, at least up until that point. They bragged on social media how they had just ordered the book, and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. Some talked about saving it for a vacation read. Imagine being so delusional that you would spend your vacation reading a report that you already know disproves everything you believed in your soul about a man you hate so much that he consumes your everyday life? That is true mental illness.

I won’t bore you with the two failed attempts to impeach Trump, both of which lacked evidence of wrongdoing even more so than the failed Mueller investigation. But rest assured the TDS crowd actually thought that Trump would be removed from office, despite the absence of any high crimes or misdemeanors, or perhaps more even more relevant, the absence of the requisite Senate votes to convict.


Fast forward to the George Soros-appointed DA of Manhattan, Alvin Bragg, the clown who originally passed on trying to make a criminal case against Trump due to, wait for it, a lack of evidence (common theme) only to change his mind after massive pressure from business and political leaders in New York who all have TDS. In fact, it is widely speculated that Bragg was finally pushed over the edge by a book written by former prosecutor and fellow Harvard liberal Mark Pomerantz, fantastically titled “The People Vs Donald Trump”. This book is the ultimate red meat for TDS sufferers, a make believe trial against Trump, who hasn’t yet been charged with any crimes. Though most legal experts characterized the book as an unprofessional work of fiction, and President Trump himself plans to sue both the Author and Publisher for the many instances of libel within, the book is receiving most of the credit for ultimately forcing Alvin Bragg to abandon his plans to leave Trump alone and instead try to cook up an indictment. Besides, it’ll be a great distraction from the record crime spike in New York City, and the criminals that Alvin Bragg releases back on the streets right after cops arrest them.

But having said all of that, here’s the best part…Bragg’s investigation stems around alleged hush money paid to former porn star Stormy Daniels, who alleged an affair with Trump prior to his entance into politics. Never mind the fact that Daniels has already been caught lying on multiple occasions, and even had to reimburse Trump’s legal fees after her lawsuit was declared meritless by a judge. Forget the fact that Daniels’ former lawyer, who promised to take down both President Trump and his eldest son, Donald Trump, Jr., was the same Michael Avenetti who currently resides in a federal penitentiary for fraud. That all pales in relevance the alleged charges against President Trump being manufactured by DA Alvin Bragg to conflate a reimbursement to Michael Cohen, the disgraced former Trump lawyer who actually delivered the cash to the porn star personally.

The law that Bragg alleges Trump broke is listed in New York law as a misdemeanor under the title, “Bookkeeping error”. Not only that, but the law has a 7 year statute of limitations, which expired 2 years ago. No wonder why Bragg’s initial instinct was to pass, he’d have absolutely no chance in any real court with a real judge. But we’re taking about New York, so we’ll see.

Alas, the propagandists have been making so much money by cruelly feeding the illnesses of the TDS crowd, that they now are demanding what they consider a brass ring: a Trump arrest, perp walk, and mugshot. None of which are actually likely to happen. What was promised Tuesday was pushed back to next week, and next week will likely be pushed back to the following week, and so on.

Meanwhile, the TDS sufferers are still desperately clinging to their delusions, and Donald J. Trump is still living rent free in the heads of those who hate him most. He’s the greatest real estate guy of all times.



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