VIDEO: Kennedy Rips Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Over Prospective Trump Arrest

This is from an appearance Sen. Jphn Kennedy made on Fox & Friends this morning, and it’s pretty devastating to the Soros-aligned district attorney in New York City Alvin Bragg, who according to the rumors is attempting to prosecute former president Donald Trump – Trump has said he expects to be arrested tomorrow. Kennedy has little use for the case against Trump.

He rips into Bragg, calling him an activist rather than an impartial prosecutor.

Kennedy is asked about protests coming off the potential arrest, because Trump and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy have come down on opposite sides on that – Trump is calling for them, while McCarthy is a detractor.

Kennedy positions himself in the middle, saying if you want to protest go ahead but make sure you don’t riot.

There are protests being planned. In Baton Rouge tomorrow, Woody Jenkins is organizing one…

RALLY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP AND AGAINST POLITICALIZATION OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM — BATON ROUGE — The public is invited to a Rally for President Trump and Against Politicalization of the Justice System at 11:30 a.m. this Tuesday, March 21, 2023, on the steps of the Louisiana State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge.

The rally is sponsored by the Republican Party of East Baton Rouge Parish, chaired by former Rep. Woody Jenkins. Jenkins served as State Chairman for Trump for President in 2016 and as a member of the Electoral College at-Large for President Trump in 2020.

News reports indicate that President Trump may be arrested Tuesday on charges filed by the District Attorney in New York City. Jenkins said the charges are trumped up and part of an ongoing effort by Democrats in Congress and key officials in the Justice Department to politicize the justice system and criminalize political opposition. “They are desperate to find a crime to hang on President Trump, and they are truly groping for something,” Jenkins said.

“Beginning before the President was sworn in, we saw the system perverted with members of Congress calling for him to be impeached before he even took the oath of office. The National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, was arrested on bogus charges. After that, there has been one fake allegation after another calling for President Trump either to be impeached or arrested. Their goal today is to rig the system by somehow preventing him from running in 2024. People are outraged and deeply troubled by what they see happening to our country.”

Jenkins urged people to come to the rally and show their support for the President. He said a number of local and state officials will speak.

Jenkins asked people who plan to attend to email him at to let him know they are coming.

How do we come down on this? We’re not for protests. Democrats don’t give a damn about protests. Go to a protest and they’ll put you on a list and then they’ll come after you.

What we advocate is something a bit different. When Trump is indicted every American who isn’t a Democrat should boycott everything they can with any connection to New York.

Pull money out of Wall Street stocks, stop eating at Nathan’s, cancel any travel to NYC, boycott the NFL, NBA, Fox News and all of the other networks headquartered in New York, everything.


Declare economic war on New York City and bring the place crumbling down.

The people who run New York City won’t be swayed by it, but that’s the precise reason it ought to be done. They aren’t worthy of the money or economic activity they feed off of, so deny it to them.

And every red state ought to open up an office in New York for the expressed purpose of carting away every business operating out of that city. Total, unrestricted economic piracy.

That’s the proper response. Not protests, for crying out loud. Anybody calling for protests has learned NOTHING from January 6.

Incidentally, Kennedy isn’t the only one eviscerating Alvin Bragg in advance of this farce. Ron DeSantis is, too.



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