We May Finally Be Getting To The Heart Of The Trans Advocacy Insanity

We’ll start with a tweet from Alex Stein which dropped over the weekend. Stein crashed a trans-kids rally in San Francisco and sent up what was a pretty obvious message – genital mutilation is not a form of “help” for kids who are mentally or emotionally disturbed.

And for his trouble he was treated fairly impolitely…

Then came Nashville, which lent a bit different color to Stein’s weekend ordeal.

What we’re seeing, really all over the country, is just how unhinged the transgender advocacy mob is – particularly in the aftermath of the Nashville school massacre, in which a mentally disturbed female pretending to be a man slaughtered three children and three adults at a Presbyterian school where she’d been a student as a child.

The killer, 28-year-old Audrey Hale, was apparently incensed over her parents’ disapproval of her life choices – something which might well have been the case even if she hadn’t decided to board the transgender train, seeing as though she was still living at home at 28 while haphazardly pursuing a “career” as a graphic designer.

And she also wrote a manifesto of sorts. For some reason, the Metropolitan Nashville Police, who have been very forthcoming with video of the event and particularly their takedown of the shooter, say they have no plans to release it. That has aroused the ire of Matt Walsh, the conservative commentator and anti-transgender activist who’s done yeoman work to get the state of Tennessee to ban transgender surgeries for minors and grooming activities like drag shows at schools and libraries. Walsh wants that manifesto out in the open, and right now.

Meanwhile, this is a pretty good representation of what the trans mob is saying in the wake of Nashville.


They’re angry that Audrey Hale is being called Audrey Hale and not Aiden, because to do so is to “deadname” her. That’s another made-up word which means using the birth name of somebody who’s gone trans and changed to something else.

This is a real thing. These people are trying to use the occasion of one of their constituents shooting up a school and killing more people than died on January 6 and in Charlottesville combined as an opportunity to lecture the world on how to properly address transgender people.

Including transgender mass-murderers.

And it’s Bill Lee’s fault. He’s the Republican governor of Tennessee who signed “anti-trans” legislation to stop grooming and mutilation of kids.

The obnoxiousness of this is impossible to miss.

But it’s even worse than that. This is the press secretary for Arizona’s Democrat governor Katie Hobbs…


Can you imagine the reaction if some Republican political flack was posting things like that directed at, say, Christophobes (which virtually everybody on the Left can now be described as)?

And on top of everything else, on Saturday there is supposed to be a Trans Day of Vengeance, according to something called the Trans Radical Activist Network, to include a demonstration of some kind at the Supreme Court in Washington. Whether Nashville was a preview of that, we don’t know, though if the Audrey Hale manifesto were to be released perhaps it might shed some light on the subject.

Here’s the thing you can distill from what’s happening this week: there are an awful lot of people in the trans-mob, in the LGBTQ Alphabet People set and on the Left in general (those last two aren’t perfectly aligned, of course, as it would be our guess that most people of exotic sexualities are NOT activist about it and really would just like to be left alone, and let’s understand we’re not talking about them but rather the activists), who aren’t all that upset about Nashville at all.

They might be upset about the bad publicity and the outrage Audrey Hale has stirred up with her anti-Christian terrorist attack on that school, but the act itself they see as justified to an extent.

For example, this came from a press release by something called the Trans Resistance Network…

“The second and more complex tragedy is that Aiden or Audrey Hale, who felt [she] had no other effective way to be seen than to lash out by taking the life of others, and by consequence, [herself],” they continued.

To be “seen.”

A 28-year-old loser still living at home, incapable of holding down a job or having friendships or relationships with her peers, who sneaked around her parents to build an arsenal of seven guns despite the folks expressing concern and opposition to her having them (under their roof), has a deep need to be “seen.”


How about being “seen” by accomplishing something in life? By getting a job and doing it well? By helping others? By living independent of her parents before she turned 30 (or preferably a good deal sooner)?

The narcissism of the necessity to be “seen” is amazing, but it’s also clarifying. Because this isn’t just about Audrey Hale; it’s about an entire segment of society, which demands to be appreciated for its own self-destructive, transgressive hatred – of society as a whole but of self as well.

This started with the tattoos and the piercings, and it’s progressed to various “innovative” lifestyles, and now it’s about daring to live a fantasy life as someone they clearly aren’t while forcing society to accept and participate in that fantasy.

It’s the tyranny of the powerless, as absurd as that sounds. Except they aren’t as powerless as you think. Not when they’re willing to inflict violence on the mainstream population for the crime of refusing to accept their behavioral choices as normal and sane.

Tennessee banned child grooming and child genital mutilation, and so Tennessee gets a massacre at a Christian school. And the Left news media is happy to equate the two as a natural and appropriate cause and effect – while the trans advocates are actively pushing that formulation.

They’re even now screeching about a “genocide” of trans people based on the “hate” the rest of society has for them. There were a grand total of TWO murders of trans people that could be described as hate crimes in 2021. On the other hand, suicide among these people is higher than any other demographic group, a good indication this isn’t a healthy lifestyle and there are severe mental and emotional wellness risks associated with living it.

But somehow it’s “hate” to oppose something so clearly destructive?

What if binge-drinkers and heroin addicts were to decide that their lifestyles deserved status as a civil rights group? What if drunks decided that they’re being discriminated against by police with respect to traffic stops and arrests, and started an aggressive lobby group that threatened violence against Mothers Against Drunk Driving and their allies? How would that absurd scenario be any different than this?

Walsh is correct. Audrey Hale’s manifesto needs to see the light of day so the public can be informed about what drove this anti-Christian terror attack (because that’s precisely what this was; it was a lashing-out against the Christian and Western society Audrey Hale’s lifestyle choices put her outside of). It needs to be examined and vetted and these new radical pressure groups be made to justify, defend or explain the “thinking” behind such horror.

If they’re going to attempt to make her some sort of sick martyr for the trans cause, that is, which they clearly are doing.

It’s past time we got some clarity on this issue. It’s the only way this fever is going to break and society will finally get around to rejecting the attempts to destroy children with delusion and mutilation in the name of sexual license.



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