ZOLA: Dems Propose Pro China, Anti Small Business Bill

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely seen how Joe Biden is letting Communist China walk all over us. The border is left wide-open, with made-in-China fentanyl coming through by the truck load. Spy balloons are allowed to traverse the entire country, picking up surveillance on our military installations.

Now, a bill that would help Chinese credit card companies and hurt American small businesses is back in the U.S. Congress. Hopefully, Louisiana’s senators Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy will continue to stand firm against pro-China bills and oppose this harmful legislation.

The legislation I am referring to would enact new regulations and price controls for Americans’ credit cards. This would require credit card companies to partner with at least two unaffiliated network providers. One such company is China Union Pay, the world’s largest credit card company which also happens to have deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Last Congress Republicans were able to stop Democrats from passing one of their most dangerous pieces of legislation yet. But, liberal Senator Dick Durbin, the sponsor of this bad bill, is relentless and is trying to slip his bill in before Republicans can win back the White House in 2024.

This is just China’s latest attempt at stealing Americans’ data. It is basically allowing a Chinese Spy Balloon to hover over every single American with a credit card and freely take any information they want.

It is classic Democrat legislation. Not only does it not actually help Americans, it HURTS them. By forcing partnerships with companies like China Union Pay, Americans’ information is being freely handed over to the CCP.

Senator Durbin’s policy would also cause significant hurt on our already struggling small businesses. Let’s do the math: China gets free reign over Americans’ data and a huge economic boost while Americans get their information stolen and our small businesses get kicked while they’re down.


If this legislation were to be passed, the only winners would be Dick Durbin and the Chinese Communist Party.

Communist China continues to be our nation’s greatest threat, so the last thing America should be doing is giving them a leg up. America used to be a world leader that demanded respect, but under Biden and the Democrats in Washington our nation projects nothing but weakness. Louisianans are tired of caving to Washington Democrats and ready to once again be a STRONG America.

It’s times like these I am grateful that Lousisana has two tough conservative fighters in Senator Bill Cassidy and Senator John Kennedy. They continually put Louisianans’ best interests first in the face of Democrats’ reckless leadership.

Senator Durbin and the Chinese Communist Party must be stopped. I pray Senator Cassidy and Kennedy continue to put Louisiana first and protect our credit cards from those who wish America ill.



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