HURD: The Five-Vote Louisiana Economic Miracle

Many of the taxpayer groups, commentators and political advocates focused on relief for the Louisiana Taxpayer, are about to join together and start pushing for the “FIVE VOTES TO CREATE A LOUISIANA ECONOMIC MIRACLE.”

The “Five Votes” are:

  1. Vote No to waiving or changing the spending limit.
  2. Vote No on any legislative pay raise.
  3. Vote No on any new taxes (and no for waiver of tax exemptions).
  4. Vote Yes to Repeal Personal, Corporate income taxes (phase out in three years).
  5. Vote Yes to Repeal the 0.43% sales tax; and phase out 1.0% of State sales taxes with 0.50 step down for two years.

These are Conservative Principles.  We have more than $4 billion in excess revenue and reserve funds, to finance the immediate transaction away from Income Taxes toward a growing population and growing economy.

REPEAL AND GROW IS THE NAME OF THE GAME FOR LOUISIANA (and already in Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Florida).


In every State where significant tax cuts have occurred – such as Texas, Tennessee, Florida – the cuts generated prosperity for the citizens, and more revenue for state government. Ronald Reagan cut federal taxes in the 1980 and America boomed. This boomerang prosperity is accepted economics, first illustrated by the “Laffer Curve” and defined as “supply-side economics.” The economic boom can be heard and seen today in Texas, Tennessee and Florida.

Being Conservative Means Special Things.

Paul Hurd, Founder of “Louisiana Excellence, Inc.”
Advocacy group focused on Repeal of Income Taxes
and Sales Taxes (email:



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