It Seems Jill Biden Is As Dumb As Her Husband

Yesterday, Joe Biden slurred his way through a putrid speech about manufacturing, stupidly alleging that “MAGA Republicans” are standing in the way of getting industrial production going in America. That didn’t exactly impress Fox Business’ Mara Bartiromo, who chopped up the speech and its delivery with Joe Concha and Mark Tepper…

Bartiromo is correct about the fact that the Trump indictment is merely a cover for the furor that otherwise would have surfaced over the release of bank records more or less proving the Bidens were on the take from China. She might also be correct that there is no way for the Dems to re-nominate him in 2024, though Tepper is correct that they’ve got nobody else.

But as dumb as Joe Biden’s Minnesota speech blaming Trump and his votaries for the de-industrialization of America (a lie so profoundly stupid that it’s amazing his handlers would bother sending him to tell it), the spouse in that family who isn’t supposed to be a mental cripple might actually have topped him.

This isn’t a matter of national security, but it’s THAT stupid

On Monday, Jill Biden said Iowa should come visit the White House along with LSU, even though the Hawkeyes lost in the National Championship.

“I know we’ll have the champions come to the White House, we always do, so we’ll have LSU come. But you know what? I’m going to tell Joe I think Iowa should come too because they played such a good game,” Jill Biden said. “Winners and losers, that’s sportsmanship, right?”


Never in the history of White House national championship celebrations has the runner-up team been invited to celebrate the champions’ victory.

Why would Iowa even bother showing up to be feted as a loser?

LSU’s star Angel Reese, who has milked the controversy over her post-game taunting of Iowa’s high-scoring Caitlin Clark for a massive influx of social media followers, had an appropriate reaction to Jill Biden’s remark…

Even USA Today’s Nancy Armour, who absolutely, assuredly voted for the Bidens, recognized how idiotic this was


Biden’s idea is insulting to LSU. The Tigers won their first national title in decisive fashion, and they don’t owe concessions to anyone. About anything. But it’s also insulting to Iowa, implying the Hawkeyes are such delicate flowers they need to be propped up emotionally by a visit to the White House.

What, are the President or First Lady going to pat the Hawkeyes on the head, too? Give them lollipops and tell them how hard they played?

White House visits have traditionally been one of the perks for the national champs, and the women’s runners-up – in any sport – have managed to get on with their lives just fine. Iowa will, too.

And I’d wager a guess that Caitlin Clark would rather spend her time in the gym, working to ensure Iowa’s season ends differently next year, than going to Washington and pretending this isn’t the diplomatic equivalent of a make-up call.

Armour said she was surprised that Jill Biden’s handlers couldn’t talk her out of making such a dumb suggestion. That’s an indication Armour hasn’t paid much attention to the stupid things Jill Biden – excuse me, Dr. Jill Biden, who has a doctorate in education from a community college – says all the time.

This is a woman who compares Hispanic Americans to breakfast tacos as part of what she thinks is minority outreach.

And the fact that she just suggested the all-white Iowa team ought to come to the White House along with almost all-black LSU only makes her look even more like a racist. Which, given her husband’s fairly constant gaffes in that direction combined with Jill’s out-of-touch-rich-white-lady babblings, is a quite believable assumption should Reese or others choose to make it.

One can only hope that the American people are getting suitably sick of these two morons occupying the White House that they’re chased off the political stage next year. When even the women’s basketball world is screaming at Jill Biden to shut up, it’s a good indication nobody’s impressed.



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