MARSH MAN MASSON: Kayak Bass? I Got Some BIG Ones!

Largemouth bass are fascinating creatures that feed as temperamentally as 90-year-old spinsters.

When all the stars align — when barometric pressure and wind and air temperature and water temperature and current are at perfect levels — bass will practically eat the hide off a cow, piranha-style.

But when any one factor is less than ideal, their appetite wanes, and an angler targeting them must search for the right inspiration to get them to open their mouths.

When ALL factors are off, bass will look at whatever you’re throwing and run off to vomit. Even in a place that’s pure bass-fishing perfection, like Paloma Lake in Plaquemines Parish, La.

My trip there this week started with the bass all wearing chloroform masks. After early-morning fog burned off, the sky was high and blue, and Abraham Lincoln was more alive than the wind. I learned last year that Paloma is chock full of fat bass that will rip your arm off if you don’t keep your drag loose, but on this trip, I couldn’t get a bite.

Until the conditions began to change. Then, I had an absolute blast.

Check out the video for all the details!

BTW, Paloma Lake is currently running a campaign called “Race to Double Digits.” The first angler to catch a double-digit bass will receive 50% off their next stay, and anyone who submits a photo of their catch (regardless of weight) is entered into a drawing for $100 off their next stay. If they post and tag Paloma Lake on their own social media, they will be entered 3x. Photos can be submitted to or social media direct messaging @palomalakela.

Also, anyone who subscribes to the Paloma Lake email list (via the website) will receive a code for $100 off their first-day fishing pass. Only applicable to first-time customers.


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