McCORMICK: The 2023 Battle Begins!

As you know the 2023 State Legislative Session begins in earnest today, and I am writing you from my office in Baton Rouge.

During any legislative session, life, liberty and property is always at risk, and this is also the time when your voices must be heard by your representatives. Liberty has only been kept alive by engaged and active citizens.

Here are some quick updates.

First of all, I am honored to be a founding member of the Louisiana Freedom Caucus. I’m proud to stand with the Freedom Caucus groups from the halls of Congress to the state legislatures from sea to shining sea in an effort to reclaim our liberty.  I made several trips to Washington, DC to spearhead this effort to help us return to a Constitutional Government.


I will keep you each informed of the activities of the Freedom Caucus as we fight to restore freedom.

Next, here are key pieces of Legislation you need to be aware of…

  • Constitutional Carry, House Bill 131 As you know I have fought for years to pass Constitutional Carry because no one should pay a tax or beg the government’s permission to bear arms!
  • Secondly, Outlawing, yes outlawing every single Biden administrative order and rule that infringes on the 2nd Amendment, House Bill 299..since the day Biden was inaugurated. The Defense of the 2nd Amendment Act will need your help to pass.
  • Next, There are efforts in Louisiana that we must all OPPOSE, one of which being passing Red Flag Gun Confiscation.  This unconstitutional gun grab, Senate Bill 212, is being pushed again this year, and we must stop it.  Red Flag violates not only nearly half of the Bill of Rights, but also due process of law that has been in place in Common Law of r 800 years.  I will let you know what you can do to help me stop Joe Biden’s favorite gun grabbing scheme.
  • Next, after all the hard work we did to pass Life at Conception, there are effort such as House Bills 346, 549, 461 and 522 that are working to re-open the abortion mills in our state and all of these must be stopped.  I will keep you closely informed of what you can do to help me stop them. 

Watch for more information soon, for life and liberty depend on you.



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