RADIO: This Morning’s Appearance On Chicago’s Morning Answer Show

A couple of topics took center position this morning when I went on the Dan Proft-Amy Jacobsen Morning Answer Show on AM 560 in Chicago – and as Dan noted, they’re something of opposites.

On the Democrat side of the equation, we’re beset with vacant politicians. John Fetterman, Rosa DeLauro, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Biden – these aren’t so much people and they certainly aren’t leaders. What they are is amalgams of their staffers, who are really running the show. All Fetterman does is read, badly, words that his staffers put in front of him. That’s true of Biden as well, and Feinstein is mostly dead and whatever comes out of her office is surely not a product of what’s left of her mind.

Contrast that a bit with the major story on the Republican side, which is the petty squabbling between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, and what you see is the opposite. Trump actually could use a little adult supervision and discipline that a good staff around him could provide and he doesn’t seem to have that at all.


He shouldn’t be the opposite problem to what the Democrats present. He needs to be the solution if he’s going to be the nominee in 2024. America is in too lousy a shape for what we’re getting.

In any event, that’s the gist of today’s appearance on the air with Dan and Amy. Enjoy – and for more of my media appearances this week, check out this week’s Spectacle Podcast, which was also quite good.



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