Solutions to CMT and Other Problems Bedeviling Conservatives

Before I begin, can I just ask…Honestly, CMT?

OK, so three problems plague grassroots conservatives now.

Here are those problems…along with proposed solutions.

PROBLEM: Popular Culture Won’t Stop Forcing Drag Queens on Us

SOLUTION: Isn’t it bad enough that woke school administrators subject children in certain parts of the United States to Drag Queen Story Hour? And now this insanity has infested the CMT Awards?

How about this?

For every entertainer, politician, bureaucrat or activist who tries to force drag queen culture on your kids, conservatives should find THEIR kids and incentivize them to attend a conservative church. Better yet, let’s pass out Bibles to them as they stand at the school bus stop or anywhere else you see them in public. Would CMT approve?

But conservatives must do this somewhere other than school grounds, of course. Distributing Bibles on school property to K-12 students is now a legal offense.

PROBLEM: Leftist Journalists and Celebrities No Longer Care if They Lose Their Money or Their Audiences Over Politics

SOLUTION: “If an enemy insists on war, then you take away their ability to wage it.”

OK, so I’m quoting the character Chozen from the Netflix series Cobra Kai. As an aside, that show is fantastic and is one of the few contemporary shows that ridicules wokeness. If only more of our performing arts were like that. But I digress.

Not to paint left-leaning journalists and celebrities with a broad brush, but they fired the first shots in the culture war. They want to tear apart the values that keep society stable. They are also narcissists.

As another aside, notice how I didn’t refer to celebrities as actors or musicians. That’s because most of them lack real talent. But again, I digress. These narcissists crave attention. Attention is a narcotic for them. Deny them that drug.

The drag Queen CMT awards are doing exactly what the producers and “artists” intended them to do: stir up controversy so you and everyone else will talk about them this week and thus give that network free publicity.

Don’t tweet about them. Don’t watch their Tik-Toks or their online videos. Pay them no mind. Yes, that’s easier said than done but if more people practiced this habit, then perhaps it might just dent their careers (and their egos) and, even better, shut them up. STOP reacting to them.

As for leftist members of the press (which is probably at least 90 percent of them), take a proactive approach. Call their biases out to their faces. Ask them on their professional Facebook pages whether they or their newspaper or TV station is objective OR has a point of view. And if their words contradict their actions then call them out.

Reporters are too used to conservatives who are passive and dislike confrontation. This needs to end.


Going woke is the leftists’ way of making up for past misdeeds and absolving them of guilt. Maybe they committed adultery? Maybe they hurt someone mentally or even physically? Perhaps they have a substance abuse problem? Maybe they’re just gullible?

Maybe the best solution to fix a woke person is to pass out Bibles as they stand at the school bus stop…oh…wait. I’m starting to see a pattern here.

PROBLEM: Clueless Members of the GOP Still Can’t Grasp Why Donald Trump is Still So Popular Among the Grassroots

SOLUTION: Former national security adviser John Bolton said this week that Trump “is a cancer on the Republican Party.”

OK, RINOs, tell us why we should ditch Trump and vote for their guy (or gal)? How tuned in are they to the needs of their grassroots, middle-class voters versus those of their wealthy donors?

And I repeat if their words contradict their actions then call them out.

The Never Trumpers’ wounds were self-inflicted. They underestimate how furious the collective grassroots is at the moment. They exist in denial about these facts or simply do not care.

When you see these people at town halls, don’t act timid. Politely and diplomatically express your frustrations. Ask them to at least shut up about Trump and his personal shortcomings and try to convince us they aren’t the out-of-touch elitists we think they are?

It couldn’t hurt to try.



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