Tennessee’s Legislature Isn’t Messing Around

It’s hard to sit in Louisiana and not look at Tennessee with envy. Particularly when it comes to that state’s legislature, in which the Republicans seem to understand what political power is for and how it ought to be wielded against intransigent and irresponsible Democrat opposition.

And the latest case where this is on display involves three Democrats in the Tennessee General Assembly who are about to find themselves expelled from the legislature, and deservedly so.

That vote may come today.

What brought this on was a riot inside the state capitol on the first day following that anti-Christian terrorist attack at The Covenant School in Nashville which resulted in six murders before law enforcement took out the shooter, a female mental case calling herself a man. A host of unruly and violent leftists stormed the capitol and staged an occupation of the building, supposedly to demand gun control.

As part of that insurrection-adjacent performance, three Democrats in the House – Gloria Johnson, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson – grabbed a bullhorn and started shouting slogans in the middle of a floor session.

For their trouble, on Monday their peers voted to yank them off all their committee assignments and a vote is now due  for their expulsion from the legislature.


Which is fantastic, and quite appropriate.

These three morons knew the rules, but they didn’t expect to have them enforced or applied in their case. They thought – and somewhat reasonably so, as Democrat politicians have been about as consequence-free as it’s possible to be over the past decade and a half – nothing would ever happen to them if they decided to behave badly.

And now something has.

We’ll see if the Republicans in that body are steadfast enough to follow through on the expulsions. If they do, it’s quite likely there will be trouble – when Democrats don’t get their way, they throw tantrums, and those are increasingly violent and unpleasant.

But without consequences these people only get worse.

We’ve been screaming for a while now that there has to be a reaction to bad behavior by these people. In Tennessee it looks they’ve got the stones to do just that.

And it’s very, very attractive to see.



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