Terrible Bill O’ The Day: Free Tampons In All The Public Schools!

Here’s something which comes up again and again in state legislatures all around the country – and in blue states they’re doing it.

So of course Aimee Freeman, an Uptown New Orleans white liberal who’s All For The Latest Thing, has to bring it in the Louisiana legislature, with HB 117

Proposed law requires each public school governing authority to make free menstrual products (sanitary napkins and tampons) available in easily accessible locations. Requires that proposed law be implemented during each year that funds are appropriated for this purpose.

Now, we’re not opposed to high school girls having those things they need. We do note, however, that these are not particularly expensive things. They’re far cheaper, for example, than cell phones which virtually every high school girl in public schools in Louisiana have.

And it seems to us that if you can get a cell phone you stick in your purse or bookbag you can also supply yourself with these other things.

But not according to the overweening, paternalistic liberals from Uptown New Orleans that Freeman represents.

She brought this same bill last year and managed to get it to the Senate before it died, and that was a dumb mistake on the part of the House to pass it.


Do you not think this is something local school districts can handle without the state legislature stepping in and mandating it? We don’t have a whole lot of confidence in local school districts, mind you, but we do think this is the kind of thing they’re capable of managing.

Aimee Freeman doesn’t, though, so she’s now bringing bills every year to throw your tax dollars at buying Tampax for all the public schools in Louisiana. And how much waste do you think that’s going to generate?

As opposed to this being a local responsibility, with less money in the mix that can be pissed away or stolen.

We don’t really need to belabor this, do we? It’s fairly obvious why Freeman gets today’s award for the Terrible Bill O’ The Day.



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