TERRIBLE BILL O’ THE DAY: Senate Bill 216 Makes Criminals Out Of Victims

We’re debuting a new feature here at the Hayride which will last through this year’s regular session of the Louisiana Legislature. Each weekday we’ll be showing off the Terrible Bill O’ The Day, letting you know just how awful things can get when stupid and dishonest people start trying to socially engineer the Bayou State.

And our first entry is a doozy. Meet state senator Gary Carter, a Democrat from New Orleans and the nephew of Congressman Troy Carter, who used to hold the same state senate seat, and his utterly brainless idea to criminalize gun ownership by proxy…

A bill proposed by a New Orleans state senator would hold gun owners liable for civil damages if their firearms are stolen from unlocked vehicles and used in subsequent felony crimes.

Senate Bill 216, filed this week, was quickly hailed by New Orleans City Council president J.P. Morrell.

“In Orleans Parish, most vehicle burglaries have the same motive: To locate and steal unsecured weapons,” Morrell said. “This legislation will not only promote responsible gun ownership but increase public safety across the state.”

The proposed law would apply only to owners of guns stolen from unlocked cars that later are shown to be used in the commission of a felony.

State Sen. Gary Carter (D-New Orleans), the bill’s sponsor, said the proposed law is in its early stages, and he is having conversations about possible revisions with both proponents and opponents.

“I think everyone agrees we have too much gun violence,” Carter said. “Often times, the guns end up in the wrong hands. So, what do we do to make sure … if you’re practicing responsible gun ownership, don’t leave your gun in an unlocked car. Don’t leave it unsecured in your car.”

Carter said he hopes the bill, even if revised, will send a message encouraging responsible gun ownership.

“We’re trying to prevent gun violence in the City of New Orleans, and throughout the state of Louisiana,” Carter said.

The Democrats who run New Orleans enforce few to none of the laws on the books against the criminals in that city. But now they’re making more laws to create criminals out of honest citizens.

The upshot of which is they’re trying to discourage you from owning a gun in a city you’re a moron to live in if you don’t pack heat – it’s practically the carjacking capital of the world, nobody’s property is safe, they’ve had more than 240 rapes and sexual assaults there so far this year, burglary is off the charts, you damned well need a gun if you’re in New Orleans.

But if you have one, and somebody steals it out of your car and then uses it to commit a crime you’re now the villain.



Wonder if Gary Carter has a clue about the fact that there have been 2,366 cars stolen in New Orleans this year as of midnight last night. If they steal your car and your gun is in it, how exactly are you supposed to secure your gun?

Ohhh, don’t keep a gun in the car. Either that or carry it with you when you go somewhere.

What if they don’t allow guns there?

This kind of harassment, which is a naked effort to discourage gun ownership and make private citizens defenseless against criminals, deserves as much blowback as can be given to it. So for that reason, we’re going to award Carter with today’s trophy for Terrible Bill O’ The Day.



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