The LGBTQ Crowd Just Found The Limits To The Utility Of A Legislative Circus

This week we saw the Louisiana Legislature move forward a handful of bills that would work toward halting the advance of the queer agenda in the state’s public schools. And we saw what happens when any kind of conservative social legislation is pushed.

Namely, that the circus comes to town.

In the House, Dodie Horton’s HB 466, which is a bill modeled after the anti-grooming legislation passed in Florida which caused such a hue and cry last year (even though polls showed most Democrats were for it), and Raymond Crews’ HB 81, a bill which would keep public school teachers out of the idiotic controversies which come up when emotionally unstable children start demanding the use of exotic pronouns in their presence, both passed out of the House Education Committee Wednesday.

WWL-TV had a very vanilla news segment on the committee hearing in which the bills passed…

That was only a little taste of how things went. In truth, it was a complete – and very unpleasant – circus.

The Forum For Equality, an Orwellian-named queer supremacist organization which is known for screaming bigotry at every attempt to rein in the promotion of exotic sexuality, scared up a menagerie of people many if not most of whom are quite obviously not appropriate to have unsupervised contact with children, to repeat the same scripted message over and over again in a hearing which dragged on seemingly forever. Many of the advocates opposing the bill were polite, but nearly all struggled to contain their emotions at the supposedly-catastrophic effects of bills that would return public schools to the pre-trans craze understanding of pronoun use and put an end to the promotion of gay and trans sexualities to pre-pubescent kids.

There are surveys showing that some 20 percent of Generation Z identifies with one of the letters in the new rainbow alphabet, which is a clear telltale sign of social contagion; you don’t get numbers like that through biology, and you don’t get numbers like that in other countries where woke LGBTQ advocacy is not the vogue in all of the cultural institutions. Those numbers come because this agenda is being actively promoted to children.

And what do you get as a result? Well, in the case of the trans crowd, you get a suicide rate which blows away that of any other group in society. Some two in five post-op transsexuals – the people who actually get what they want – attempt suicide.

Any society with the faintest interest in the successful lives of its members would act to discourage the lifestyle and decisions to join a group with those kinds of results.

But here is the insane logic of the insane people in the trans community: attempting to discourage kids from becoming trans will literally kill trans kids because they’ll commit suicide, and moreover it’s a moral harm to suppress the wonderful trans community.

In other words, “there’s nothing wrong with us, despite the fact we kill ourselves more than anybody else does – and if you try to stop our growth we will prove this to you by committing more suicides.”

That was literally the argument on offer.

It only persuaded one of the Republicans on the House Education Committee, Baton Rouge representative Barbara Frieberg (this was not a particular surprise). Both of the two bills were voted forward with 7-5 majorities after an unmitigated circus in the hearing room.

There were verbal altercations in the hall outside of the committee room, at least one “witness” was removed after making repeated abusive accusations about Republican legislators on the committee and the bill sponsors…it was very obvious what was intended was to be disruptive and unpleasant in hopes of intimidating the members of the committee into either dropping these bills or, in a longer view, to discourage future authors from bringing them.


But by Thursday, when Sen. Heather Cloud’s SB 7 had its hearing, things were different.

SB 7 is a bill being pushed by Attorney General Jeff Landry. It would limit the use by school libraries of sexually explicit books for kids. Essentially, across the country and in some places in Louisiana it turns out librarians are stocking and promoting what’s essentially porn in the children’s and young adult sections and getting away with it because the material in question deals in LGBTQ sexuality. So the straight-sex porn stuff is smut nobody carries, but the gay stuff is protected. That’s literally what’s going on, and Cloud’s bill seeks to put a stop to it.

How’d that go? Well, not like on Wednesday

One of the controversial bills aiming to limit children’s access to some books in public libraries was heard in the state legislature Thursday. What was set to be a heated debate was abruptly stopped.

SB7 aims to limit children’s access to books deemed “sexually explicit.” It would make libraries adopt policies to allow parents to restrict a child’s library card of what is allowed to be checked out. Policies would be adopted so patrons could challenge whether a book should be available to kids. Books added to the “sexually explicit” list would be reviewed by the local library boards.

The bill carried by state Sen. Heather Cloud, R-Turkey Creek, is being pushed by Attorney General Jeff Landry as part of his “Protecting Innocence” movement.

“I have before you a piece of legislation that simply requires libraries to adopt and implement policy language to tailor the access of minors’ library cards,” Cloud said.

The books used as an example by the Attorney General’s Protecting Innocence report mostly have LGBTQ themes, which advocates for the community feel is targeting them for censorship. Advocates have come out against the bills out of concern it will negatively impact LGBTQ youth and other children seeking resources.

Cloud said her bill would be for parents to opt-in and is a way to protect children from materials a parent may not see fit for their child.

“This does not mean that other children can’t check out the book. It’s all based on the card level that the parent has found appropriate for their child,” Cloud said.

Just three people in favor of the bill were allowed to speak before state Sen. Bodi White, R-Central, made a motion to cut off public testimony as a whole. Nobody in opposition had a chance to speak.

“Not only did they censor and restrict the librarians from speaking today, but they also made it very clear that they had no interest in hearing about the impacts on the LGBTQ community and what this bill does to our youth,” said SarahJane Guidry, executive director of Forum for Equality.

Multiple librarians were hoping to speak after hearing one mother testify that books like the controversial graphic novel “Gender Queer” was found in the children’s section, which is not the case.

“The ten books from the AG, none of those are found in children’s sections in any library in our state at all whatsoever,” said Amanda Jones with the Louisiana Library Association. “So I am very sad that we were not allowed to get up and state that to the board as a whole.”

You could say it’s not awesome that the bill was rammed through the committee Thursday and all those voices were frozen out, and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. The problem is that the ordinary process was abused by those same people. They f[ool]ed around and found out.

Now – we’ve already seen in Tennessee and Montana what’s likely to happen next. The Left is almost certainly going to escalate, and when these bills go to the floor it’s likely there will be some sort of “mostly peaceful” demonstration at the Capitol. Not on the steps – in the building, and likely in the gallery above the House or Senate chamber. It’ll be an even more distasteful circus.

We don’t have extreme faith in the Legislature’s leadership in either house to put a stop to that kind of lawlessness like was done in those other states. Then again, we don’t have many legislators like Justin Jones in Tennessee or the bizarre Zooey Zephyr in Montana who are likely to egg on the “transurrectionists” and get themselves expelled as a result.

But what we’re seeing is that the Republicans in the Louisiana legislature are learning a couple of things. One, beyond a certain limit it isn’t necessary to sit still for abuse from society’s fringes when attempting to hold the line for traditional civilization, so if the Forum For Equality and the other queer-supremacists want to cause disruption then steps can and should be taken to limit it. And two, if you’ve got the votes you’ve got the power. Don’t be afraid to use it.

A year from now it’s a good bet conservatives in that legislature will be acting like a governing majority and they’ll be passing an agenda through the House and Senate with the power of a well-fueled freight train. We aren’t at that point yet by any means, but we’re seeing the beginnings of that kind of confidence and determination, and it’s nice to see even if the hour is quite late.



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