“Bring It On. I Don’t Care,” Says The Transgressive Transvestite Fred Mills

Since he turned on his constituents and voted to kill the overwhelmingly-popular bill that would ban pediatric sex change surgeries and the chemical castration of children, Fred Mills is now the state’s media darling. Here’s the Soros-funded Louisiana Illuminator praising Mills as a stalwart man of principle…

State Sen. Fred Mills is the latest target of national conservative activists after bucking the Republican Party by voting to kill a proposed ban on gender-affirming healthcare for transgender youth But he’s not worried about it.

“Why should I?,” Mills said in an interview after he broke a tie vote Wednesday in the Louisiana Senate Health and Welfare Committee. “They don’t live in District 22. They don’t have a 337 area code.”

“I didn’t run for office to serve those people,” added Mills, a GOP member and pharmacist who represents portions of four rural parishes and New Iberia.

Mills, chair of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, started receiving immediate backlash on social media after casting the deciding vote on proposed ban on gender-affirming healthcare for minors, killing the bill for the year.

LI reporter Piper Hutchinson goes on to quote tweets from Matt Walsh and Greg Price among others, and then quotes Mills as echoing the Left’s standard okey-doke – that the bill seeks to provide a solution to something which isn’t a problem.

Price’s tweets, that we referenced yesterday, noting all the Big Pharma money Mills has taken over the years, were referenced in Hutchinson’s story only in that Price made the accusation. It’s hilarious that the Illuminator doesn’t care that Fred Mills is bought by the pharmaceutical industry when he votes to mutilate kids and put them in a position to need intensive treatment with Pharma’s products for the rest of their lives, but in another context they’d never let you forget that Mills was bought by the drug companies.

But it’s a propaganda shop and not a news organization, and one of the things it propagandizes for is the mutilation and chemical castration of children.

As for Mills’ statement that his critics don’t live in District 22, that might be the single greatest example of whistling past the graveyard we’ve seen in a while. Callers to Joe Cunningham’s and Moon Griffon’s radio shows in Acadiana since Mills’ transgressive vote in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee indicate that he’s about as popular as a herpes infection in that district.

We’re even hearing that there’s a run on FM Bank, the bank Mills has an ownership stake in, since his vote. That would make it a Louisiana banking version of Bud Light or Target, if it’s true that people are pulling their money out and closing down their accounts.


The state GOP let Mills have it over his vote as well…

The Republican Party of Louisiana strongly supports procedural action that will result in a Senate floor vote on House Bill 648 by Rep. Gabe Firment. This legislation would prohibit genital mutilation surgery on minor children in Louisiana.

The Republican Party of Louisiana is deeply disappointed in Senator Fred Mills’ tie-breaking vote to kill HB 648 in committee. The LAGOP strongly recommends that the Senate override the committee vote and allow consideration of HB 648 on the floor, where all senators will have the chance to weigh in on this pivotal piece of legislation.

By way of information, HB 648 passed the Louisiana House of Representatives 71-24 with near unanimous Republican support, and the bill is strongly supported by the great majority of Louisiana’s voters. The procedure is banned in states surrounding Louisiana, and failure to pass HB 648 could make Louisiana a destination for such surgeries!

Please call your senator at 225-342-2040 and encourage him or her to bring this bill to the Senate floor as soon as possible. Our children deserve no less!

It looks a lot like that discharge petition to bring the bill to the Senate floor might happen. As of yesterday there were, we understand, 19 senators willing to sign it, meaning only one more was needed. But who takes the lead and circulates the discharge petition is a question: Senate president Page Cortez is the man behind the throne where his friend Mills is concerned, and Cortez is the one trying to prevent a floor vote on the bill in order to protect other RINOs who don’t want to vote to protect kids from the transgender industry.

The rest of the south has put a stop to these abominations in law. We now run the risk of becoming a grotesque oasis of pediatric sex changes and “puberty-blockers” which make kids sterile.

This isn’t over in the Legislature, by the way. Rep. Alan Seabaugh managed to put an amendment on a Mills teleheath bill that stopped it from taking effect until HB 648 is signed by the governor. Nobody objected to the amendment, and the bill is passed.

That’s a big middle finger to Mills, and he’s furious, and he’s going to retaliate against the other members of the Freedom Caucus for the rest of this session and kill other bills that the public greatly favors.

Because “Bring it on,” he says. “I don’t care.”

We’ll see whether he comes to regret that arrogance.



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