GARLINGTON: ‘Is There mRNA In Your Bacon?’

The connection between Big Pharma’s mRNA covid shots and devastating side effects like heart damage and blot clots is becoming widely known, so the revelation that pork producers have been using mRNA swine flu shots on their animals since 2018 should concern everyone.

The amount of safety testing for this ‘vaccine’ was negligible, and the results from the testing that was done were abysmal.  Dr. Joseph Mercola reports,

So, just what kind of safety testing has been done on these mRNA swine jabs? As it turns out, not much, and even saying that would be an exaggeration. Looking at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) summary of studies supporting the product licensure of Sequivity,7 we find only ONE safety study listed.

There are two efficacy studies pertaining to H1N1 swine influenza, two efficacy studies pertaining to H1N2 swine influenza, one efficacy study pertaining to H3N2 swine influenza, and one safety study pertaining to all vaccines under “typical use conditions.”

These six studies were all performed between June 2020 and December 2021. A search of the USDA’s Licensed Veterinary Biological Products catalog renders just this one summary of studies to support Sequivity’s licensure.8 This implies the platform was approved by the USDA based on these data alone.

While that’s concerning enough, it becomes even more questionable when you consider the side effects summary. The study involved a total of 748 pigs at three different testing sites, which were given two doses of an unspecified mRNA Sequivity injection three weeks apart. The piglets were monitored for side effects for 21 days after each injection, or until the side effect was resolved.

According to the USDA summary, 525 piglets — 70.2% — experienced no adverse events. However, among the remaining 29.8%, 7.4% became anorexic, 3.2% died, 2.7% became lame, 0.4% suffered anaphylaxis, 0.4% had some sort of central nervous system disorder, 0.3% developed meningitis and another 0.3% some form of musculoskeletal disorder.  . . .

In all, 223 out of 748 piglets — nearly 30% — had some form of adverse event, including 24 deaths. How on earth is that even remotely considered safe? If 3 in 10 people suffered a serious side effect from a particular drug, and over 3% dropped dead immediately and 11.5% in the long run, would you consider it safe? Would you risk taking it? I sure wouldn’t.

Also consider this. Anorexia is basically considered a wasting disease. “Unthrifty” is similar in that it’s the failure to grow or develop normally due to disease. Either way, whether the piglet is wasting or failing to grow, it’s a loss for the farmer. Now, when we add together death, anorexia and unthrifty, you end up with 86 animals — 11.5%.

Losing 11.5% of your herd to vaccine death, wasting and failure to thrive really doesn’t make sense. That’s a loss of more than 1 out of 10 animals, which hardly speaks to either safety or effectiveness. Moreover, there are no safety studies at all related to human consumption of Sequivity-treated animals.

The all-important question now is whether this mRNA-injected swine meat is safe to eat.  Dr. Mercola’s thoughts are not comforting:

Livestock such as swine are routinely vaccinated against several diseases,26 and many of these vaccines must be administered at specific times to ensure there’s no residue left in the meat. When using the mRNA platform, however, there’s no time limit. So, just when are swine receiving these customized mRNA shots? And could there be mRNA in the pork you buy and eventually eat?

Vaccines are nearly always given in the hindquarter of the animal, and according to mRNA jab developers, the mRNA remains at the injection site. This theory has long since been proven false, as the mRNA in the COVID jab gets has been shown to be distributed throughout the human body.

But it makes sense that the mRNA might be more concentrated at the injection site. In livestock, this could be bad news, seeing how the hindquarters are usually where the prime cuts of meat come from. So, knowing whether there’s any mRNA left in the animal at the time of slaughter is important.

We also need to understand how long the antigen produced by the animal’s cells in response to a customized mRNA shot sticks around, and whether ingesting that antigen might have repercussions for human health. If veterinary mRNA shots are anything like the COVID jab, we could potentially be in trouble.

As reported by Jessica Rose, a postdoctoral researcher in biology, Pfizer’s and Moderna’s bivalent COVID jabs are grossly contaminated. Both have been found to contain 20% to 35% expression vectors — double-stranded DNAs used in the manufacturing of the mRNA — that are transformation-competent in E. coli. She writes:27

“Take home message: The left-over expression vectors used to manufacture the mRNAs are at contamination levels 100-fold higher than originally proposed and imply trillions of DNA molecules per dose. This has implications for integration into our genome.”

For a scientific deep dive into how and why this kind of contamination has implications for genome integration, read through Rose’s article, and/or Anandamide’s Substack article28 covering the same topic. The point I want to make is this: Might there be leftover expression vectors in the animal vaccines as well? And if so, can they integrate into the animal’s genome — and/or into ours when we eat their meat?

Shots for the pigs are just the beginning; Dr. Robert Malone cited numerous tests for other mRNA shots for other kinds of livestock that Big Pharma is getting ready to roll out.

Adulterated animal meat is taking other forms, too, such as meat mass-produced in giant drums from ‘immortalized’ animal cells, i.e., cancer cells.  Igor Chudov explains further:

This excellent Bloomberg article clarifies that all lab meat is grown as immortalized tumor cells. As the article explains, these same cells are used to produce traditional vaccines.

Thank the biotech revolution. Under the right conditions, animal cells can be grown in a petri dish, or even at scale in factories full of stainless-steel drums. For decades, companies such as Pfizer Inc. and Johnson & Johnson have cultured large volumes of cells to produce vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and other biotherapeutics. Now the idea is that we might as well eat these cells, too.

What are these cells?

The big honking asterisk is that normal meat cells don’t just keep dividing forever. To get the cell cultures to grow at rates big enough to power a business, several companies, including the Big Three, are quietly using what are called immortalized cells, something most people have never eaten intentionally. Immortalized cells are a staple of medical research, but they are, technically speaking, precancerous and can be, in some cases, fully cancerous.

 . . .

We can see that so far, all lab meat is made using endlessly-dividing tumor cells.

Our bodies’ immune systems are designed to kill off and fight such abnormal and cancerous cells. Thus, cancers only take hold when immune systems weaken or the cancer cells learn to avoid immune reactions.

Cells become immortal in human bodies all the time, by mutating to bypass senescence—and mutating some more to evade the immune system, which generally tries to kill off such mutants.

The lab meat companies plan to sell those kinds of solid tumor cells to us to eat.

Bon appetit!

This is a horrible world we have entered into, for man and beast, yet it is precisely the one the globalist, anti-Christian Elite wish for us to live within, one that destroys the original created order of the Holy Trinity and replaces it with one of their own making.  This article was written with transgenderism in mind, but, considering the effects of this newfangled meat on the human body and soul and the wider creation, too, it is relevant to this discussion as well:


Satan hates God’s created order. Satan hates human beings made in the image of God. Satan hates women, who bear future servants of God. Satan hates children, who have a chance to grow in God’s grace. Satan’s hate alone would be enough for him to want to ruin us as a species [and all species—W.G.].  . . .

Whether the drive to fundamentally change humanity succeeds or fails, it is not hard to see how all this works towards the future rule of Satan’s own chosen one. If traumatized people are unable to even speak about the reality of biological sex [or the reality of actual animal bodies with stable genetic codes—W.G.], then how are they to resist the coming to power of a man who seemingly has all the answers? A man who is supported by all the powerful people they have been brainwashed to trust?

This situation cries out for action.  The State governments, with their ag commissioners, legislative ag committees, etc., should be the ones leading the way, passing laws and regulations requiring meat sellers to label their products so that buyers will know if what they are going to eat has been treated with any mRNA products.  Missouri has introduced such legislation (HB 1169), but the usual suspects – the giant pharma and ag cartels, and so on – are trying to kill it, which tells us all we need to know about which side is the right one in this battle.  It is similar to the battle waged and mostly won over the labeling of dairy products that are free of genetically engineered growth hormones given to cows to make them produce more milk.

But if State leaders fail to act for the sake of pleasing their corporate masters, there are still private efforts that could prove valuable.  The Non-GMO Project would be a good model to either learn from, or to expand to include meat products.

This is also a great opportunity for small, local farmers who don’t use mRNA shots on their livestock to gain more marketshare.  If they let their neighbors know that their meat has not been tampered with genetically, they would probably gain quite a few more regular customers.

However those options shake out, the time for apathy is over.  There is absolutely no reason why Southern men and women should ever have to worry about whether or not that savory piece of bacon or ham in their mouths or their children’s is contaminated with a Big Pharma biohazard.  But we are going to have to get ourselves organized if we want that wholesome option.



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