POLITICO Says Jill Biden’s Inflicting Elder Abuse On Her Husband And America

A POLITICO piece over the weekend “credits” Jill Biden for convincing her husband, the brain-dead Joe Biden, to seek a second term as the occupant of the White House.

Four years ago, Jill Biden was hesitant about her husband making a White House run, fearing the toll it could take on him and the family.

In the months before Joe Biden formally announced he’d make a reelection bid, she had no such reservations.

Privately, the first lady encouraged her husband to run again while giving him the space he needed to process the decision in the way he traditionally does: with extensive deliberations, consideration of the burden it would place on his family, and a bit of classic Biden hemming and hawing. She was involved in all the high-level discussions around the decision, giving counsel when she felt it was necessary.

“She is usually in the room when senior campaign staff are presenting strategy to her husband. She will ask questions. But she never weighs in on the decision,” said a former senior Biden adviser.

Her gentle encouragement of her husband’s reelection run comes as she’s relishing her role, hanging out at the Super Bowl and the women’s Final Four, and actively posting on social media. Unlike the cliche applied to wives of major political figures — that they’re the “secret weapon” behind their husband’s success — there’s nothing that secret about the role she is playing.

Nearly a dozen aides and advisers in Biden world described the first lady as someone who has grown more willing to endure the rigors and demands of being in the political spotlight herself — and more convinced of her husband’s fit for the job. Close advisers say she feels a comfort level with her role inside the White House, balancing the ceremonial responsibilities of the office with the weight of serving as a trusted adviser to the president.

“She is always his final gut check” is how the former senior adviser put it.

“Final gut check.” Yeah, OK. In English, what that means is Jill Biden is the one telling Joe Biden what to do.

As the headline says, the proper word for this is elder abuse.

Joe Biden is 80, and this decision means that if the Bidens get what they want Joe Biden will still be America’s president when he’s 86.

And at 80, this is Joe Biden…

PJ Media’s Ben Bartee explains what happened here…

Biden’s handlers invited the Air Force football team to congratulate them on their past season and rolled their charge out to meet them for a brief photo op.

It would seem to be quite a simple task for a lifelong Swamp member: smile like you’re greeting old friends, gladhand like only a plastic politician can, gracefully accept the gifts, smile for the cameras some more, and depart.

But even that mission was too much for the alleged President to complete.

Via Military Times:

President Joe Biden on Friday awarded the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy to the Air Force Academy for winning football games against its rival U.S. service academies.

“Simply put, you can’t talk about the soul of the nation without talking about our service academies,” Biden told the team gathered in the White House’s East Room. “And you can’t talk about the service academies without talking about duty, teamwork, service and excellence. That’s all about you.”

He was ostensibly — as evidenced by the cadets holding the items out apparently in anticipation of handing them off — supposed to take the signed football, the helmet, and the jersey of memorabilia. Instead, he took the jersey, stared into the abyss for a few moments, and wandered away aimlessly while the visibly confused crowd looked on.

Responsible adults around Joe Biden would take this for the obvious signal that it is – namely, that Joe Biden lacks the cognition to lead America, and it’s beginning to get so much worse that it’s dangerous for the country. When he can’t even perform a simple ceremony without walking off in a bungling fugue state, he’s not even a puppet at this point.

Of course, we already know that he isn’t capable of holding a presidential press conference.

Is the Biden administration telling reporters what to ask the president during his extremely infrequent press conferences?

That’s the obvious implication of a story resulting from a recent press conference held by the 80-year-old president.

Biden was photographed holding a cheat sheet telling him which reporter to call on first. But even more importantly, the sheet showed, nearly word for word, the question he’d be asked.

Courtney Subramanian, identified in the photo, is a reporter for the Los Angeles Times.

The fact that Subramanian’s question was prepared for Biden was ridiculous enough, but the situation may be even more absurd than originally believed.

When asked about the note card by Fox News, the LA Times denied submitting a question for approval by the White House.

If they didn’t submit the question for approval, how come Biden had a scripted answer to spout off in response? That’s obviously a lie and the presser was obviously a farce.


So is Biden’s presidency. It’s impossible to deny that fact. A week ago, an NBC poll on Biden revealed that 70 percent of American voters don’t want him to run again.

And yet Jill Biden gets credit for “helping to convince” him to run.

What an utter and complete joke. This is elder abuse. It’s disgusting. No sympathy can be given to Joe Biden on this. He may lack agency now, but the fact is he’s been a stupid and corrupt hack politician his entire adult life.

That doesn’t excuse Jill Biden and the rest of the gang around him for neglecting their responsibility to say no to continuing this farce.

Which begs the question – is this happening so that the Biden Bribery Machine can continue apace?



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