Some Louisiana Colleges Skirting with CRT

Parents in Louisiana have a resource to monitor whether the state’s colleges and universities indoctrinate their child into Critical Race Theory (CRT) or other types of left-wing politics.

The website,, is two years old, but many parents may not know of it. The site is a national database of schools, including LSU, Louisiana Tech University, Tulane University and others.

“For those who do have such Critical Race Training, there are varying degrees of such programming, some mandatory, some not,” according to the website.

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“For many schools, it’s a continuum of programming, such as ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ and implicit bias training and programming, that does not easily fit into a Yes/No construct. We provide information from which you can assess the developments.”

Additionally, the site allows users to look up the steps that college administrators use to mandate Critical Race Training. This may include whether colleges change academic codes of conduct or fund “equity” projects. CRT has even infiltrated several veterinary schools, but none are in Louisiana.

In Louisiana, examples of individual schools incorporating CRT are hard to find, but there are traces of it.


Grambling State University, for instance, does not offer CRT training to students, faculty or staff. A GSU master’s student, however, won an IBM Master’s Fellowship for his interest in CRT. The school also created a scholarship to honor George Floyd.

LSU has considered implementing CRT into its undergraduate studies. The school’s library offers CRT resources.

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Xavier University of Louisiana, meanwhile, has a professional development training program on microaggressions. According to the National Education Association’s website, examples of microaggressions include using the pronoun “he” to refer to all people or saying men and women have equal opportunities for achievement.

As RVIVR reported in April, elected officials in 49 of the 50 states have introduced nearly 600 measures that say educators cannot teach CRT. Legislators filed these anti-CRT bills even in predominantly Democrat-controlled states, including California.

Nationwide, exactly 241 of the nearly 600 measures passed



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