VIDEO: Clay Higgins Dresses Down Alejandro Mayorkas Over His Border Lies

This is Cajun John Wayne in top form. It’s a tirade from Rep. Clay Higgins absolutely burning Mayorkas to the ground in a House committee hearing.

After that comes Rep. Sanford Bishop, who asks Mayorkas questions (Higgins doesn’t bother, and explains why – he’s a liar and there are no candid answers forthcoming from him).

We’re pretty surprised nobody has picked up on this, because Higgins summarizes all the basic objections non-Democrats have to Mayorkas’ performance as Homeland Security secretary. He launches into some numbers on illegals crossing the border and makes sure to note all of the gotaways who are carrying backpacks full of enough fentanyl to kill half of Texas, not to mention all the human trafficking for the sex slave trade which the cartels are making a killing off of.

Then Higgins says something we’ve been waiting to hear, which is that everything Mayorkas is doing – from chasing off border agents who are increasingly quitting in disgust, to refusing to deploy tactics and technology everybody knows will work to stanch the flow of illegals across that border, and so on – satisfies the business model of those cartels.

In my American Spectator column today, I note the same thing, which is that if the Biden administration was bought off by the Mexican drug cartels it might be difficult to discern any differences in policy or tactics from what we’re currently seeing.

Mayorkas is likely going to be impeached in the House, though probably not convicted in the Senate. That’s OK; his impeachment is likely a popular move among the American people, and it’s a problem for the Democrats to oppose it.


Of course, I’ve said since Republicans retook the House that there ought to be impeachment bills brought against each and every one of Biden’s cabinet members, because given that this administration is waging all-out war against the productive members of society it’s only just that the people’s representatives should be waging all-out war in return. Wrecking the administration with never-ending impeachment hearings on the cabinet members and White House staff, all the way up to Biden and Kamala Harris as well, is – if nothing else – a negotiation tactic that would likely lead to some considerations being offered that Team Biden wouldn’t otherwise want.

In Mayorkas’ case, though, this isn’t a political tactic at all. As with all of the cabinet but especially in his case, it’s very much warranted on the merits. He’s intentionally leaving that border open and as Higgins notes the effect is catastrophic, and furthermore he abjectly refuses to offer candor or honesty about what’s actually happening. It’s all bald-faced, provable lies delivered with a middle finger.

Higgins is sick of it. He should be. All Americans who care about the country are.



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