VIDEO: Kennedy Wipes Out Biden Bureaucrat On Climate Change Nuttery

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This will infuriate you, as it’s a full exposition of just how dishonest and ridiculous the people running our country are.

Yesterday in a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing, Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk showed up to sing the praises of the Biden administration’s efforts to fight “global warming,” and specifically to make America “carbon neutral” by 2050.

The interesting thing behind that narrative is that America is already “carbon neutral.” Our plants and trees soak up more carbon than our animals and machines put out into the world. So we actually don’t need to spend any money at all to achieve this goal.

But Turk is trying to achieve a different goal, which is to make our industries and our economy as a whole “carbon neutral.” And that unrealistic goal, which involves doing wasteful and probably environmentally harmful things like trading reliable carbon-based energy sources (coal, oil and gas) for “renewables” and specifically solar and wind – the component for production of which are generally made in China using methods far more violative of the environment than oil and gas wells and pipelines are, he says will cost trillions of dollars.

But it’ll save us money on net, he says, without explaining exactly how. The old line about the glaciers melting and our shorelines plunging under the oceans aside, which frankly is not supported by any real evidence – the “hockey stick” computer model of global warming producing a catastrophic sea level rise has long been debunked, and the small rise in global temperature the climate change advocates currently hang their hats on simply argues for future dollars spent on coastal protection, seawalls and the like which certainly wouldn’t necessitate “tens of trillions of dollars” as he says.

John Kennedy is generally not one to put up with steaming piles of B.S. laid at his feet, so he starts asking Turk questions for which he is quite bereft of answers. How much will fundamentally transforming our economy to be “carbon neutral” cost? No answer. How do you know this money will pay for itself? How much will the effort spent at “carbon neutrality” lower world temperatures?


Turk clearly has nothing to offer. He babbles and mutters, and Kennedy spends four and a half minutes trying to get some semblance of an answer before he gives up.

But it’s Turk who looks clueless, not Kennedy. His grift has been exposed. No sane country would listen to a word he says or take the cause he’s shilling for at all seriously.

Of course, no sane country would give the likes of David Turk a high position in its government from which to demand the destruction of our energy economy in pursuit of an ill-defined, ill-defended and ill-delineated goal. He accepts Kennedy’s hypothesis of $50 trillion spent over the next 27 years to make our economy “carbon neutral,” meaning it’s close to a real number though Turk won’t admit that’s what this is about, and then the closest he comes to selling that investment as producing a result is to say that unless America takes the leap of “carbon neutrality,” nobody else will.

Well, sure. Maybe nobody else is as stupid as David Turk thinks we are.

A debt of gratitude goes out to Kennedy for taking this grifter to task and showing him and the administration he works for as the frauds they are.



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