GARLINGTON: Three Big Lies

There are many false narratives being presented to the public as truths for the purpose of enhancing the power of a Christ-hating, anti-human Elite.  In order to refute some of the worst lies currently circulating, we happily share the following with those reading.

Lie No. 1:  The burning of hydrocarbons by human beings is radically altering the earth’s climate.

The folks at FreeWestMedia have a good rebuttal of this –

Nir Shaviv is a well-known Israeli astrophysicist and head of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s physics department. He explains in an interview with the well-known American business magazine Forbes that his research and that of his colleagues indicate that rising carbon dioxide levels play only a minor role in Earth’s climate compared to the impact of solar radiation and cosmic particles.

. . .

“Solar activity varies over time. There is a significant variation over approximately eleven years or more, which clearly affects the climate. This principle has been widely known, but in 2008, I was able to quantify it using sea level data. When the sun is more active, sea levels rise here on Earth. Higher temperatures cause water to expand. When the sun is less active, temperatures drop, and sea levels decrease. The correlation is as clear as day,” Shaviv explains.

. . .

In the quickly deleted interview with Forbes, Shaviv also explained that the connection between solar activity and the Earth’s warming and cooling is indirect. An important factor is galactic cosmic radiation, which consists of a mixture of high-energy photons and electrically charged subatomic particles accelerated toward Earth by supernova explosions and other violent events in the cosmos. When this radiation hits the Earth’s atmosphere, it creates aerosols, which, in turn, form clouds, as Svensmark has explained in detail in his theory. This makes them crucial for the Earth’s weather and climate.

During solar minimum, the sun’s magnetic field weakens, which typically shields the Earth from a significant portion of cosmic radiation. This allows more cosmic rays from space to penetrate our planet’s atmosphere and create more clouds. More clouds lead to a drop in temperature but also an increase in precipitation.

. . .

“Our research findings are very uncomfortable for the accepted perception (climate narrative). We know that there have been very significant climate variations in the past that have little to do with the burning of fossil fuels. A thousand years ago, the Earth was as warm as it is today. During the Little Ice Age three hundred years ago, the Thames froze more often. These events were mentioned in the first and second IPCC reports. In 2001, they disappeared. Suddenly, there is no mention of natural warming, no mention of a Little Ice Age. The climate of the last millennium was presented as essentially constant until the nineteenth century. This is a kind of Orwellian cherry-picking to fit a predetermined narrative,” asserts an indignant Shaviv.

The article also includes a rebuttal of the claim that there is a link between carbon dioxide and global warming, a good summary of which is shown in this table.

This is not to say that mankind cannot affect the weather using technology.  Quite the opposite, actually:

  • The US Air Force in 1997 wrote a policy paper examining how man-modified weather could be used as ‘force multiplier’.
  • Loads of other information (documents and experiments) related to weather modification by the US and others are readily available.
  • China openly brags about its advanced weather modification enterprise.
  • An entire book on how the earth’s weather has been and is being disrupted by artificial means is also available – Under an Ionized Sky by Elana Freeland.

But for all that, the burning of hydrocarbons is simply not on the same level as those other technologies.  Fearmongering about carbon dioxide emissions is simply the latest effort of the globalists to gain absolute control over the peoples of the world via their Green New Deal socialism, Great Reset, carbon credits, etc.

Lie No. 2:  Supporting the Zelensky government in the Ukraine war will make the world safer.

Ridiculously false, writes Connor Freeman

Amidst a deluge of corruption scandals, particularly with regards to military graft, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov resigned on Monday. President Volodymyr Zelensky announced he will be replaced a day earlier. This comes as some US lawmakers have cited graft as a reason to impose limits on military and financial aid to Kiev for its war with Moscow.

Zelensky has come under pressure from the West to ensure “Ukrainian officials were not siphoning off some of the billions of dollars in aid that was flowing into [Kiev],” according to the New York Times. Last week, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with the heads of a special investigative agency, a prosecutorial office, and a court. The meeting involved discussions about cracking down against wartime corruption.

Last month, following allegations that some officials were taking bribes from men seeking to avoid conscription, Zelensky fired the heads of all regional military recruitment offices.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry is currently subject to “widening investigations” and mired in scandals. “At one point this year, about $980 million in weapons contracts had missed their delivery dates, according to government figures, and some prepayments for weapons had vanished into overseas accounts of weapons dealers, according to reports made to Parliament. Though precise details have not emerged, the irregularities suggest that procurement officials in the ministry did not vet suppliers, or allowed weapons dealers to walk off with money without delivering the armaments,” the report said.

It is stressed in the Times report that such revelations are not yet touching on foreign military or financial aid, while it is acknowledged that “military spending now accounts for nearly half of Ukraine’s national budget, and the reports of contracting scandals point to a shift in the sources of public corruption.”

There is extensive evidence, however, that Western provided arms are not making it to their intended destinations. CNN has reported that US arms sent to Ukraine quickly fall into a “big black hole,” leaving proper tracking nearly impossible. Last year, in August, a now-redacted CBS report – which included on the ground sources – exposed that potentially 60-70% of the weapons being shipped never reach the front lines.

In October, Finland’s national law enforcement agency warned weapons being shipped to Ukraine were ending up in the hands of criminal gangs. Only weeks later, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari alerted that “the situation in the Sahel and the raging war in Ukraine serve as major sources of weapons and fighters that bolster the ranks of the terrorists in the Lake Chad Region.”

. . .

Lie No. 3:  The Zelensky regime is filled with virtuous lovers of freedom.

Lots of folks have caught on to this and have been documenting the hypocrisy of the Zelensky government as it bans opposition political parties, oppresses the Hungarian minority, etc., all the while presenting itself as a paragon of ‘democracy’.  Regrettably, it continues to sink to new lows as it oppresses the Orthodox Christians within the Ukraine.

Report A:  Persecution of the monks of the Kiev Caves Monastery

The Ukrainian Parliament’s Commissioner for Human Rights has opened a proceeding concerning a number of serious violations of the rights of monks of the Kiev Caves Lavra and faithful of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The proceeding comes in response to a request from Archpriest Nikita Chekman, the monastery’s lawyer, after the Human Rights Commissioner paid a visit to the monastery.

On Friday, September 1, Mykhailo Serhiovich Spasov, the Representative for Equal Rights and Freedoms, Rights of National Minorities, and Political and Religious Views of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights arrived at the monastery, in particular visiting monks and pilgrims who have been locked inside for several weeks now, reports the Information-Education Department of the UOC.

One monk, Fr. Varnava spoke with Spasov about how several people have been locked inside one of the guest houses for four weeks now since the state commission in charge of the Lavra closed the Lower Lavra territory. Representatives of the authorities even prevent food from being passed to those locked inside the building.

The monk also emphasized that he is not able to get the necessary medicine for his high blood sugar.

One of the pilgrims also spoke about how his family has deep roots in Kiev, with many generations going to the Lavra to pray. He called what is happening at the monastery now a “trauma.”

Following the visit, Fr. Chekman was informed by a representative of the Parliamentarian Commission for Human Rights that a proceeding had been formally opened in or der to investigate further.

Report B:  Persecution of Orthodox clergy in the Ukraine

On August 7, 2023, in the Vinnytsia City Court, the 74-year-old Metropolitan Jonathan of Tulchyn and Bratslav (Yeletskykh Anatoly Ivanovich) was sentenced to 5 years in prison with confiscation of property.

This sentence complied with no legal basis so Ukrainian believers created a petition to free Metropolitan Jonathan. Please support it to help Vladyka!

The sentence to Jonathan is the first sentence to a UOC hierarch with a real prison term. According to the SBU, since February 2022, the special service has opened 65 criminal cases against the clergy of the UOC, including high-ranking ones. 15 convictions have already been handed down. In addition, 19 priests of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church were deprived of Ukrainian citizenship by the decree of Volodymyr Zelensky. According to some reports, among them is the UOC Metropolitan Jonathan of Tulchyn and Bratslav. This information is confirmed by the fact that in the court verdict on his case he is listed as a citizen of the Russian Federation, whose “citizenship of Ukraine has been terminated on the basis of the Decree of the President of Ukraine.”

. . .

Today, Vladyka is an elderly and sick person, insulin-dependent, who has undergone many surgeries. It is reported that lately, it has been difficult for him to serve, often the level of sugar in his blood has risen. Sometimes Vladyka sat down during the service, he could not stand for long, but at the same time he always delivered wonderful sermons. After the searches, he underwent heart surgery, and due to the illegal deprivation of citizenship, he lost the right to health insurance and legal protection: 5 years in prison for him is tantamount to a death sentence. However, the verdict states that the court took into account information about the state of health of the accused.

You can find more information about Metropolitan Jonathan’s case on the petition page.

Here is another similar report for good measure.  And another.

One will notice a creepy similarity between some of these persecutions in the Ukraine and some of the political persecutions of conservatives in the US – many are predicated on the phony, fabricated charge of ‘Russian collusion’.


Report C:  Persecution of nuns (!)

This is the most egregious and disgusting of them all –

Police surrounded the Holy Theophany Convent in the Western Ukrainian Ternopil Province yesterday morning, just days after the sisters had warned that the authorities might try to close their monastery.

On Saturday, September 2, the Telegram channel Monastery Herald of Ukraine reported:

The Theophany Convent in Kremenets asks to prayerfully support the sisters on Monday, September 4, 2023, due to the threat of the illegal closure of the monastery.

Yesterday morning, the same outlet reported about the attempted eviction of the nuns:

The Holy Theophany Convent of the Ternopil Diocese of the UOC has been using the complex of buildings of the Theophany Monastery for the last 32 years. For its part, the monastery has done everything possible to continue using state property legally (either on the right of gratuitous use or on the right of lease). However, the state did not take the necessary and dependent actions. And today, on 09.04.2023, in the morning, law enforcement agencies surrounded the monastery in order to close it and evict the nuns. People are allowed to enter the holy site only upon presentation of a passport. The police are awaiting further instructions from the authorities.

. . .

Jeff Crouere and others are right:  It is time to drastically curtail aid to the Zelensky government.


The Establishment of both Left and Right, from Joe Biden to Mike Pence, would love for us all to be ignorant of most of this, so keep your eye on alternative media sites like this one, where the light of truth may still be glimpsed.




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